Primal Fruit Dip Recipe for a Quick Healthy Snack or Dessert

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I have been searching for a primal fruit dip recipe that I could set out at parties when we entertain.  I love dipping fruit but most of the traditional fruit dips are chocolate or caramel which are generally not Paleo or even primal. And, I generally offer local organic apples when setting out a fruit dip because they are plentiful here in Vermont.  You could also set out slices of orange or fresh strawberries for your guests to enjoy. Look for in season and organic whenever possible.

Primal fruit dip recipe

 Primal Fruit Dip Recipe

For those not familiar with primal/Paleo, diet, people who follow a Paleo diet do not eat processed foods, grains, dairy, anything artificial, sweeteners, beans, peanuts, etc.  People who follow a Primal diet typically follow the Paleo diet but allow the addition of high-quality dairy like Greek yogurt. There is more to the explanation but that gives you the basic idea.

Primal fruit dip recipe

Greek yogurt is typically strained two or three times compared to the one time that traditional yogurt has been strained.  That makes Greek yogurt the perfect choice when making this primal fruit dip recipe.  You want the fruit dip to be thicker so it sticks to your fruit.

Primal fruit dip recipe

For those that are not following a primal diet, you can set out crisps, crackers or rounds for guests to dip as well.

When I choose Greek yogurt, I make sure to choose a Greek yogurt like Stonyfield Farms Organic Greek yogurt that has live active cultures. Live active cultures help maintain intestinal health.  Choosing an organic Greek from Stonyfield Farms Organic means that there are no toxic pesticides or GMOs used. Simply Organic spices and extracts are the safest, highest quality herbs and spices I have found.

Primal fruit dip recipe

If you’re looking for a few more primal fruit dip recipes, try this vegan caramel apple dip by The Spruce Eats and this paleo caramel sauce by Bakerita. Check out my tips for staying paleo if you follow the paleo diet.

Primal Fruit Dip Recipe
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  • 1 cup plain Stonyfield Greek yogurt
  • 2 tbsp honey (you can add more/less depending on how sweet you like it)
  • 1 teaspoon Simply Organic Madagascar pure vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp Simply Organic cinnamon
  • Fresh fruit of your choice


  1. Mix all of the ingredients except the fruit well.
  2. Slice the fruit and set on a plate. If you are using apples, spritz them with lemon juice to stop them from turning brown when exposed to air.

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  1. I love cooking with vanilla and cinnamon.. those are my all time favorite spices..
  2. my favorite spice is cinnamon and i bake cookies and cupcakes with it.
  3. my favorite seasonal spice is cinnamon and i make cinnamon rolls with it!
  4. My favorite is garlic powder.
  5. Wanda Rountree says
    Cinnamon, toast, oatmeal, cookies
  6. renee castro says
    My favorite spice to cook with is oregano.
  7. My favorite is garlic salt!  I use it in so many dishes!
  8. My favorites are Oregano & Basil! YUM!
  9. What a great fruit dip recipe! I use vanilla quite a bit for baking.
  10. I love cooking with garlic and cumin
  11. My favorite spice is cinnamon. I love to use it in cookies, coffee cake and cinnamon rolls.
  12. Melissa Smith says
    I love paprika! I can out it in so many different dishes.
  13. Melissa Miller says
    I recently learned to love cooking with fresh garlic.  It does AMAZING things to ordinary dishes!! I use it in MOST of my dinners regardless of what it is.  Plus it has health benefits.
  14. My favorite spice is cinnamon—I put it in PB&J sandwiches, cereal, and oatmeal!
  15. Sacha Schroeder says
    I love cinnamon! I am making snickerdoodles tonight!
  16. My favorite is garlic and I put in most dinner I make.
  17. tara pittman says
    I love rosemary
  18. Garlic powder. We use it a lot & always seem to be out!
  19. Keely Hostetter says
    Basil is my favorite, I like to make pesto and put it in most my dishes.
  20. My favorite spice is vanilla.  Great in desserts and drinks, as well as many main dishes.
  21. My favorite spice is basil and I love to make spaghetti sauce with it
  22. I love cooking with vanilla in cinnamon. I often use it in my pancake batter and banana smoothies.
  23. I use a lot of cinnamon especially during the winter months.
  24. cinnamon and an apple pie
  25. Monique Rizzo says
    I love cinnamon and put it in pies and cookies. Thanks for the chance.
  26. bohemian babushka (@BBabushka) says
    Cubans have a combo of spices we call "Adobo"  it's salt,garlic,oregano,onion in powder form, all put together, and we put it on just about EVERTHING!!  
  27. Georgette Helton says
    Nutmeg    all my cream sauces
  28. Alison Shaffer says
    cinnamon, I love to sprinkle it on apple sauce, toast, pie, ice cream...
  29. I like cooking with cumin. I love making any latin food.
  30. I love Crushed Red Pepper. I add it to just about everything!
  31. Mine is ginger and I use it in stews, soups and veggies
  32. amybelle2001 says
    I love cumin.  It's so versatile!
  33. Amy Honious says
    I love a good curry powder!  We use it for everything from dips to meats & veggies to crepes and shortbread cookies.  Thanks for such a great and very useful giveaway.  Happy holidays :)
  34. Nutmeg all the pie!  Yeah, I add cinnamon, too! :)
  35. I like cinnamon and making pumpkin pie
  36. My favorite is cumin and paprika and I make stew with it.
  37. chickie brewer says
    My favorite is garlic and I put it on lots of dishes..Such as pizza, pasta sauses and bread.
  38. wendy rozema says
    Cinnamon is my favorite, i use it in banana bread, and coffee cakes!
  39. Paprika on everything, especially chicken and eggs
  40. I love all organic spices.  I use cinnamon a bit. 
  41. Lauren-Olivia Wood says
    My favorite spice is Nutmeg. I use it in desserts but I love it most in cream sauces!
  42. My favorite spice to cook with is oregano.
  43. Chili powder is probably the spice I cook with the most, I buy it in bulk! Looking at their website, I've always wanted to try Herbes de Provence, it sounds like a great mix for burgersdemureprincess7(at)gmail(dot)com
  44. My favorite spice is cinnamon and I use it in so many things! I put it on my oatmeal, on sweet carrots, in mashed sweet potatoes, and lots of desserts
    My favorite spice is cinnamon. I use it for french toast and cookies.
  46. I like their chili powder. In my opinion if you want good chili, you need to have good chili powder. The cheap stuff just doesn't cut it. 
  47. Susan Christy says
    My favorite spice is curry and I use it in Chicken Divan and Chicken Salad.
  48. My favoreite spice would be cinnamon that I used when I bake carrot cake
  49. Serena Powell says
    I love cayenne, I'll put it in pretty much everything.
  50. I LOVE cardamom! I love to add a little to waffles or homemade donuts. Its good in many baked goods that use cinnamon or nutmeg, you can add a little or substitute.
  51. Mary Anderson says
    My favorite spice is cinnamon which I sprinkle on my oatmeal every morning.
  52. Cinnamon (seems I'm not alone!)  and Thyme.
  53. this would be perfect for my little brownie scout meetings!!
  54. Cinnamon I add it to almost everything including my Coffee
  55. Garlic salt, I add it to many things including spaghetti, french bread, and even in my mashed potatoes.
  56. I love oregano and cinnamon. . . not together! I love adding cinnamon to my teas and oregano to meats!
  57. Kaitlin Jenkins says
    Cinnamon is my favorite spice, and I love to make parfaits with it! 
  58. I love using cinnamon in my apple pancakes!
  59. My favorite spice is garam masala. I love making curry with it!
  60. alyce poalillo says
    Garlic Powder and I put in many of my savory dishes especially with chicken. I also use caraway seeds a lot when I make my cabbage and noodles. 
  61. Mippy/Sabrina says
    I use a lot of Garlic salt if anything is missing but idk if that's considered a spice. The next in line would be Italian seasoning. I use it in pasta, soups, etc.
  62. I love cumin to make curries with!
  63. I love thyme. It is great in just about any meat dish!
  64. My fave spice is Italian blend, perfect for cooking pasta
  65. My favorite spice is cinnamon and I love using it in oatmeal cookies!
  66. Chili powder is my favorite.
  67. garlic salt on popcorn, yummy!
  68. I love to cook with garlic, cilantro, oregano and many other spices
  69. Wendy McBride says
    Garlic powder is my favorite spice to cook with. I make spaghetti sauce and various Italian dishes with it.wendym at cableone dot net
  70. garlic powder, use in dips
  71. Right now, I really love cinnamon! I love using it with squash or pumpkin in muffins. I also love it in a superfood mix with nut butter, coconut oil, and a bit of manaku honey!
  72. I like to add pepper to just about everything.
  73. Cumin.  Love the powder and seeds on eggs 
  74. Mary Beth Elderton says
    I add turmeric to a lot of dishes like rice or potatoes.  I love cinnamon for hot cocoa.
  75. christina givens says
    I love Cumin. I use it in soups  and stews and all sorts of rubs for meat and fish
  76. I like fresh ground nutmeg and I make nutmeg cookies with ith.
  77. My favorite spice is rosemary, and I make a butternut squash and beef stew with it.
  78. john hutchens says
    I like cinnamon, I would make snickerdoodle cookies
  79. Probably cinnamon because I cook so many things with it. I'd probably make overnight cinnamon oatmeal.
  80. I love to cook with ginger. I have a orange ginger chicken recipe that I LOVE to make frequently!
  81. My favorite spice is garlic salt! I put it in my scrambled eggs, and sprinkle it on veggies.
  82. theodore esteghamat says
    I like cinnamon because it adds a nice taste to everything.
  83. My favorite spice is paprika, I use it in pretty much everything.  
  84. Colin Glendon says
    My favorite spice is cumin and I use it for mexican food.
  85. Karrie Millheim says
    Cumin to make beef enchilidas
  86. My favorite spice is ginger. Well at least I consider that a spice lol, it helps pull together almost any brine and makes for such good flavored meats.
  87. my favorite spice is garlic powder, i use it in pretty much everything i cook.
  88. I love using cumin to make tacos.
  89. I love cinnamon. My favorite use is in French toast.
  90. I adore cumin right now
  91. Brittney House says
    I like using cinnamon in my pies.
  92. We love using garlic, nutmeg, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, chilli powder, turmeric, cumin... We love making and eating chilli, dips, sauces, pies... Merry Christmas!
  93. Kelly Britton says
    Garlic powder is my favorite spice and I use it in just about everything!
  94. i love the taste of oregano on pretty much anything!
  95. I love cooking with cumin
  96. I love cinnamon. I would bake with these!
  97. I love vanilla and nutmeg and allspice
  98. I love cumin and I put it in anything with beef. :)
  99. Barbara Stenby says
    my favorite spice is black pepper I use it on everything I cook
  100. Cinnamon for its versatility,  I put it in oatmeal, cookies, muffins, and ice cream.
  101. David Nelson says
    Garam Masala. It goes in my Chicken Tiki Masala.
  102. cinnamon i make cookies
  103. I would have to say my favorite is chili powder because my family loves chili and we make it at least once a week :)
  104. I love garlic powder. I put it into a great deal of dishes that I cook from potato salad to pork chops.
  105. Favorite spice is black pepper. I use it to spice up my meats.
  106. my fave is garlic pepper...great on all kinds of meat.
  107. I really love to cook with fresh vanilla!
  108. Kristin Duncan says
    I really like using garlic powder. It ends up in just about all of my savory dishes that I make.
  109. tina reynolds says
    I love cooking with garlic powder
  110. susan smoaks says
    i love nutmeg in my cookies and cakes
  111. I like turmeric for its health benefits. I use it on popcorn, eggs and any protein I cook.
  112. I like chili pepper because it is a great spice.  I use it in taco meat
  113. Elizabeth W. says
    my favorite spice is definitely cinnamon! I use it in everything from tea, coffee, cookies, pancakes, & more!
  114. Elizabeth Fenter says
    I love Cinnamon, it makes a great Apple Pie
  115. I'm a big spice fan. I really love cooking with rosemary - it has such a unique flavor, and it makes baked chicken taste yummy! 
  116. Marcy Strahan says
    My favorite is basil! I like to add it to soups, gumbo's, mashed potato's & really makes an omelete pop!
  117. Buddy Garrett says
    Vanilla is my wife's favorite. She uses it in cakes, pies and ice cream.
  118. Cinnamon is at the top of the list! A childhood memory is whenever I was sick, my mother made me toast with butter, and cinnamon and sugar!

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