Christmas Entertaining and Baking Ideas

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Check out these Christmas entertaining and baking ideas. Try these simple tips if you are hosting a Christmas party at home this year.

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Christmas Entertaining Ideas

I absolutely love Christmas. It is my favorite time of year.  I love the music, the decorations, entertaining and shopping for presents.

 Every year, I spend hours and hours baking, decorating my home and creating all my Christmas recipes from scratch. OK, I lied. Every year, I WANT to spend hours and hours baking, decorating my home and creating all my Christmas recipes from scratch – but I don’t.

I see all of these amazing decorations created from wood that’s been cut, sanded and painted by hand.  I envy the gorgeously decorated tables where all of the linens have been hand sewn and embroidered with thousands of tiny snowflakes.  

The Christmas cookies and cakes that have been decorated to look like Santa’s elves or frozen ponds with ice skaters wearing mitten make me wish I had that kind of talent and time – but I don’t.

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Like most women I know, I’m juggling family, job and a dozen other things during the holidays.  I want to impress my family and friends when they visit but I need to do that without spending 6 hours a day doing it.

Christmas entertaining essentials

 While shopping at Price Chopper, I started to think about Christmas entertaining ideas and realized I don’t have to have tons of time to be able to entertain and bake for my guests. I’ll just get a little bit of help from Price Chopper.  

When I have people over during the holidays, I love setting a pretty holiday table.  I don’t like disposable plates and cups so I picked up a few pretty holiday plates and cups from Price Chopper to use when we have guests.

Christmas entertaining ideas #HolidayAdvantEdge #shop #cbias

Christmas entertaining recipes

The kitchen is where I do most of our entertaining.  It’s warm and cozy and guests enjoy sitting around the table drinking coffee and cocoa while enjoying holiday baked goods.

I have a few favorite Christmas cookies that I love to make from scratch.  I fill in with other baked goods made with a little help from Pillsbury and Betty Crocker.  

When I bake using mixes, I make sure to add in a few extras.  I add chopped walnuts to my brownies and white chocolate chips to my mini pumpkin bread loaves.

Christmas entertaining ideas #HolidayAdvantEdge #shop #cbias

Baked goods that will be given as gifts can be wrapped in plastic wrap and tied with ribbon or topped with a holiday bow.

Christmas entertaining ideas #HolidayAdvantEdge #shop #cbias

I like to send guests home with something to remember our time together so I added a pretty felt stocking and a candy cane to each place setting.  I left one of my delicious mini pumpkin bread loves tied with pretty Christmas ribbon for each person as well.

Christmas entertaining ideas #HolidayAdvantEdge #shop #cbias

Christmas centerpiece

The centerpiece is a pretty potted Cyprus plant I got from the Price Chopper florist area, a vanilla cookie scented candle and a few festive Christmas bulbs.

Now I have a pretty holiday table that didn’t take me hours to create. I was thrilled to find so many Christmas entertaining ideas from Price Chopper. Will you be entertaining this Christmas?

If so, try these Christmas party favors.

Christmas entertaining ideas #HolidayAdvantEdge #shop #cbias

What are some fun Christmas activities?

  • Sing Christmas carols
  • Go to a Christmas tree farm
  • Have a game night
  • Watch Christmas movies
  • Have a Christmas craft party

Christmas entertaining ideas #HolidayAdvantEdge #shop #cbias

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21 thoughts on “Christmas Entertaining and Baking Ideas”

  1. It's so fun to decorate for the holidays! It seems Price Chopper has some great products to get you ready for the holidays! #client
  2. Everything looks beautiful!  I love that Price Chopper makes it so easy to "fool" your guests into think you spent hours decorating ;)  And how sweet to send yummy treats home with your guests! 
  3. I have no plans to entertain on Christmas since I will be busy taking care of a newborn, but this post gives me some great ideas on how I can decorate for a dinner party next year.
  4. I love how festive all of these ideas are.  It's so important to surround yourself with decorations that will get you and your whole family into the holiday spirit.
  5. I have never heard of Price Chopper but I need to check it out. Everything looks so festive and inviting, I want to come over for the holidays...or hire you to make my holiday party look like that too lol.
  6. I love your honesty! We all can get wrapped up in trying to achieve what we see in magazines and online, but I like your simple yet stylish decor and semi-homemade treats. If I had a Price Chopper around here I would go shopping with your post in mind. Well done!
  7. Well, it looks like you are definitely one step ahead of me by having a Price Chopper near you! I love your ideas for simple, yet festive entertaining. Have a wonderful Christmas season.
  8. I don't believe I've heard of Price Chopper before. I love the plates and think everything makes it more festive and fun when you can dress the food up with themed plates and accessories.
  9. You make it look so easy! The place settings definitely evoke a festive spirit. I am baking gingerbread cookies as gifts this year. Wish me luck!
  10. I love Price Chopper, you can truly create a wonderful holiday tablescape for cheap there. And I'd be one happy guest taking home a mini pumpkin bread!
  11. I love giving home baked goods as gifts and your idea to dress up boxed mixes is great - makes them personal.  Your table looks so festive and pretty. I'm now jealous we don't have Price Chopper here in Montana!

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