Patriotic Table Setting Ideas for Your Next Party

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Looking for patriotic table setting ideas? This year, we’ll be having our 4th of July cookout at my parent’s house. My father is King of the grill so whenever we have a cookout, we do it at their house so my Dad can cook. Of course, my Mom and I are responsible for the rest of the food and the decorations. I’ve been trying to come up with some patriotic table setting ideas for our cookout. Since we generally eat outside, I wanted something fun and casual. I also wanted to stay way from any food that’s dyed red, white and blue artificially. This post has been sponsored. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Patriotic table setting ideas

Patriotic Table Setting Ideas

I decided not to use a tablecloth and instead go with a table runner. So, I edged the table runner with a patriotic ribbon. Then, I just cut a slit every two inches in a table runner and wove the ribbon in and out. I can easily remove the patriotic ribbon and replace it with a different color for a different holiday.  I tied a patriotic ribbon around each Mason jar drinking glass.  Then, I put a few American flags in a Mason jar as an accent.

Patriotic Table Setting Ideas

Patriotic Table Setting Ideas - Mason jar glasses

I added daisies to some red, clear and blue bottles and then put the rest in a Mason jar to carry the color theme throughout the rest of the table. Cute red bandanas worked perfect as napkins and they are washable so I can re-use them.

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Patriotic Table Setting Ideas - Flowers

Patriotic table setting ideas - Diasies

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Since we are having the cookout outside at my parent’s house, I decided that paper plates would be the best choice. I  layered white and blue paper plates on top of the red bandana napkin. These cute little red pails can hold popcorn, pretzels or nuts. Strawberries, bananas, and blackberries on fruit kabob sticks make a patriotic great meal starter that’s free of food dyes. Adding a few berries to the water glasses, makes a delicious fruit infused water.

Patriotic table setting ideas - plates


These patriotic table setting ideas would work well for the 4th of July or Memorial Day. You could easily dress it up by using china instead of paper plates or leave it as is and take it out to the picnic table.  Are there any patriotic table settings you’ve used that I haven’t thought of? You may want to make my easy patriotic mini tarts.

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says
    I love how everything is so simple to do, yet they ALL add a nice touch to the table!
  2. Nancy @ Whispered Inspirations says
    OMG, this is so prety. SO simple too. Great for a get together to celebrate!
  3. I love these ideas. They're so simple, yet so elegant, and they have just the right amount of whimsy.
    • Ellen Christian says
      It's really important to me that they are simple. I don't have time for anything complicated!
  4. This looks so professional, I love the simple yet classy look for the tri colored bottles, I would love to do this for the 4th of July.
  5. So simple and yet elegant!
  6. SO cute! I want to make that burlap table runner! Such great patriotic decorations! 
  7. Katy Rawson says
    Your table setting turned out wonderful. Where can I find the red, clear, and blue bottles? I can do this. And it looks like this setting is affordable. I love red, white , and blue any time of the year.
    • Ellen Christian says
      Thanks so much, Katy. You can find the bottles here:
  8. What cute ideas! I love the different color flower vases!
  9. Your table is beautiful. I love your decorations. You did a great job.
  10. Tammi @ My Organized Chaos says
    Love those bottles, what a great idea. Also, it's surprising how far a little ribbon can go! Great ideas!
  11. Such a pretty table setting! I love the red/white/blue vases! 
  12. Great ideas... i love how you added the ribbon around the drink glasses. It adds the perfect touch. Thanks for sharing
  13. Amber Edwards says
    These are great table setting ideas! I love all Red, white and blue theme settings!
  14. Mama to 5 BLessings says
    What cute ideas, love the fruit kabobs - that is a favorite of my kids! 
  15. Chelley @ A is For Adelaide says
    Beautiful, simple and awesome statement pieces (love the runner!). Great ideas!
  16. myrah - Coupon Mamacita says
    LOVE the runners and fruit kebobs!
  17. Sarah @ Must Have Mom says
    These are all absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing. 
  18. Jenn @ The Rebel Chick says
    Your table setting ideas are all great! I especially like the colored glass bottles and the little pails.
  19. Brett Martin says
    This is great! I love the fruit kebobs. 
  20. Great ideas! Thank you! I love the ribbon around the top of the jars
  21. That's such an inviting table setting. It makes me want to sit right down and enjoy! Great job!
  22. What a great idea, I just love this table setting!!! 
  23. Cristin @ Eve of Reduction says
    That red bottle is amazing! I've not see one like it to purchase, But I now want to make one with glaze and red food coloring gel.
  24. Tiffany M. Bastedo - Relationship Coach says
    Such great ideas! I love how beautiful it all looks!


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