Is Your Private Information Private?

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Is your private information private?  There is so much to worry about today with identity threats both online and off line.  I always thought that by monitoring my credit I was being safe but there is really so much more to be concerned about. It makes me really nervous when I think about who is looking at my personal identity information and where those threats might come from.

Is Your Private Information Private?

Is Your Private Information Private?

We have all sorts of private information out there. We have banking information, credit information, court records, marriage licenses, birth certificates and other types of public records. Just how private is this information? How would I know if someone had requested copies and what would they do with it? And how would I stop them if they weren’t supposed to have that information?

I used to be the Town Clerk in our town and was responsible for filing public records like birth certificates, marriage licenses and mortgages. Most people had no idea that this is all public information. It’s simply a matter of paying the fee to receive a copy whether it’s your information or someone else’s. There is no notification process if someone requests a copy of your birth certificate or mortgage if it isn’t you.

Thankfully, LifeLock offers an identity theft protection service that includes a comprehensive, proprietary method of scanning for identity threats. This is so much more than credit monitoring. LifeLock not only monitors your personal information for new credit and non-credit applications and address changes, but they also search known criminal websites for illegal selling of your personal information. That happens more often than you are aware especially considering how often online shopping sites get hacked.

LifeLock reviews each attempt to misuse your identity, and contacts you anytime they detect an exposure or threat. LifeLock Ultimate® protection goes one step further. If they detect a change to the contact information on your bank accounts, they’ll contact you to help correct the situation fast. You can even get a TEXT from them which is extremely convenient. I always have my iPhone with me and I check my texts immediately.

As a LifeLock ambassador, I recently signed up for their service and was amazed at how easy it really is. Not only do they monitor your identify information, they will help remove your name from those pre-approved credit card offers. They’ll even help if you lose your wallet! Of course, they also offer credit monitoring services and will let you know if your credit score changes. This is such a huge peace of mind for me.

Right now, when you sign up for Lifelock, you can save promo code “LifeLockSafety” so CLICK HERE for more information.



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38 thoughts on “Is Your Private Information Private?”

  1. I have been working on getting everything back up to par and it terrifies me of someone taking my information and wrecking it all.
  2. I have heard so many great things about LifeLock. My husband and I need to look into this especially since we are woing hard on our credit and keep it good so we can buy a house within the next few years. 
  3. This is a worry for all of us now.  It seems like our privacy is being invaded more and more.  We will all have to look into Lifelock.
  4. I did not realize that anyone could access my mortgage information, that is scary! Lifelock sounds like a great way to protect your life, something to look into, thanks.

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