Christmas Crafts Gift Ideas: Poured Paint Votive Holders

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I’m always looking for Christmas crafts gift ideas to add to my holiday list.  There are several people on my Christmas gifts list that really love receiving Christmas crafts as presents.  And, since crafting is a great way to relieve stress, it’s a win-win situation.

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Christmas Crafts Gift Ideas

There are lots of Christmas crafts gift ideas that you can make. In the past, I have made decoupage Christmas ornaments. And, this Advent wreath craft would make a wonderful gift idea. Or, have you thought about making photo jewelry? I really love easy crafts that don’t take hours to complete.

These poured paint votive holders are simple to make and can be done relatively quickly. You can pair a box of your favorite scented votive holders with them. Christmas scents include evergreen, peppermint, sugar cookie, or cranberry. I love this variety box of votive candles. It includes ten different scented votive candles in a variety of different traditional Christmas scents. It would make a great gift along with one of these Christmas crafts gift ideas.

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If you want a few more Christmas crafts gift ideas, why not try one of these:

Best votive holders for this project

You will want to use clear glass votive holders to make this project. One of the best things about easy Christmas crafts gift ideas is that they can usually be made relatively inexpensively. Just pick up round or square clear glass votives at the dollar store and you will be all set. They should not have any type of decoration on them.

Christmas Crafts Gift Ideas: Poured Paint Votive Holders

What makes the fun design?

So, what you will need to replicate this fun design is a pouring medium and acrylic paints. A pouring medium is an additive that helps thin the paint while maintaining the color, texture, and opacity. You can’t just pour the paint or it will be thick and won’t create a smooth, even finish when you’re done. This one works well and is very affordable.

What kind of paints do you use?

This Christmas crafts gift idea was made with acrylic paints. The colors used were gold and silver. But, you could create them with any type of acrylic paint. You could do red and green for Christmas. Or, try pink and red for Valentine’s Day. Or green and yellow for a fun springtime craft. You will also want a clear pouring topcoat to seal the design like this one. It will create a high gloss finish.

Easy cranberry candle centerpiece

More candle Christmas crafts gift ideas

If you love candle related gifts, why not try this DIY soy candle tutorial. Or, make this cranberry candle centerpiece. This cinnamon stick votive holder is easy enough for the kids to help with.

Materials for the project

pretty gold and silver votive candle holders

You will also need:

  • Cookie sheet or paint tray (to catch leftover paint)
  • Drying rack
  • Disposable cups or bowls (for mixing)

how to make these poured paint votive candles

Christmas crafts gift idea directions

  • Place drying rack over a cookie sheet or paint tray.
  • Clean votive holders and dry completely. Place votive holders upside down on drying rack.
  • With one color in each cup or bowl, mix the pouring medium with acrylic paint in a one to one ratio. Stir to blend well.
  • Pour paint over votives allowing it to run down the sides. Add additional colors as desired.
  • To keep paint from pooling on the bottom of the votive holder, use a straight edge to push the paint down the sides.
  • Allow votives to dry completely.

Christmas Crafts Gift Ideas: Poured Paint Votive Holders #paintprojects #easycrafts #Christmascrafts

  • Once the votives are completely dry, remove from the drying rack and check the edges. Some of the paint may stick to the drying rack. If the paint has accumulated around the edge in an unattractive way, use a sharp, flat edge (like scissors) or an emery board to buff away the remnant paint. For best results, scrape from the painted side to the inside of the votive to keep the paint from peeling.
  • Return the votives to the drying rack in the upside-down position.
  • Pour topcoat over the votives allowing it to run down the sides. If the topcoat does not pour evenly, use a flat edge to push the paint from the bottom towards the sides.
  • Allow to dry completely before using or packaging.

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