Christmas Crafts Gift Ideas – Deck the Halls a Country Living Book

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I’m always looking for Christmas crafts gift ideas to add to my holiday list.  There are several people on my Christmas gifts list that really love receiving Christmas crafts as presents.  Some of them like receiving Christmas crafts and others like to receive special Christmas food treats like cookies or candy.   Either way, I am always searching for simple Christmas crafts gift ideas.  Because I enjoy doing a lot of different types of crafts, I like having books that offer a variety of different crafts all in one. I may want to decoupage my mother a candle holder but rubber stamp my grandmother some cute note cards.

Christmas crafts gift ideas

Christmas Crafts Gift Ideas – Deck the Halls a Country Living Book

I recently found a great Christmas crafts gift ideas book from Country Living called Deck the Halls.  Deck the Halls offers a number of different projects including Christmas note cards, labels, ornaments, and other festive and fun projects.   There are 90 different projects including festive stickers, ornament and craft templates, and punch-out recipe cards.  The ideas are not only fairly simple to create but they are also budget friendly.  I love that I don’ t need to run to the craft store to purchase a lot of expensive supplies.

Each of the Christmas craft projects includes several full color photographs so you can see exactly what the finished craft project will look like.  Also included are a list of supplies and easy to follow directions.  The book is broken down into six different chapters:  Let the Merry Making Begin, The Joy of Giving, Delicious Gifts from the Christmas Kitchen, To the Table, Dazzling Decorations and Wrap it Up.  Each chapter includes not only the projects themselves but also the templates, stencils, and gift tags that you’ll need to complete each craft.  These extras are on  heavy card stock which makes it very easy to pop them out of the book.  No cutting or photocopying is required at all.

The range of crafts is just perfect for me.  You don’t need to have a bunch of experience to be able to complete them easily.   There are several Christmas crafts projects that a child could help out with.   I love that there is a nice combination of crafts, recipes, decorating ideas, and wrapping suggestions to chose from.   I really appreciate that there are cute Christmas recipe cards and gift cards that I can add to my projects as well.  I am definitely going to be using many of the suggestions in this book both this year and next.

I chose one of the recipes to make from the Delicious Gifts from the Christmas Kitchen section of the book.  I made a delicious Brownie Pecan Tart that everyone in the family raved over.  This will definitely be a recipe I make again for the holidays when we have guests over.  Very easy to make but fancy enough for company to think you spent a lot of time on it.  If you’re looking for more Christmas crafts gift ideas, I recommend Deck the Halls a Country Living Book.

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  1. Oooh, I think I love this just for the Brownie Pecan Tart recipe... thank you... 
  2. I love holiday craft books! This one sounds great.
  3. I've always thought that being "crafty" would be so cool. This book sounds like it would help me be able to "decoupage" without people laughing at me. =D
  4. I love crafts and this sounds like a lot of fun!
  5. i am not particularly crafty...I could use this book for some assistance!

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