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Here are glass painting ideas that even a novice can do.  I love the look of glass painting.  I’ve tried it a few times but I have found I’m not any good at it.  I cannot draw or paint things that look like what I want them to.  My people look like stick figures.  My flowers look like blobs of color.  I wanted to find glass painting ideas that would let me upcycle plain glass jars easily.  I love the look of the painted glass canisters, wine glasses and jars I see on fancy home stores.  They tend to be fairly expensive so I wanted to create my own. Here are a few glass painting ideas that work for me.

Glass Painting Ideas

Glass Painting Ideas

  • Shop second hand.  You can find many pretty glass jars, wine glasses, glass canister, mirrors, and picture frames at thrift stores.  The prices tend to be very affordable.  Just make sure the item isn’t cracked or scratched.
  • Mix and match.  You don’t need to have six identical wine glasses to create a project.  You can have glasses that are slightly different and paint them all with coordinating designs to tie them together.
  • Go with a geometric design.  It doesn’t take as much skill to create a series of polka dots on your glass jar as it does to paint a rose or a horse.  If you are a beginner, start with the basics.
  • Use home stores as inspiration. If your favorite color is turquoise, search the home stores for inspiration for turquoise designs.  Use that as a starting point for something you’ll enjoy.
  • Use paintable clings as a guide when you paint.  Paintable clings can be painted over and removed when you want your decor to change.  The outline of the cling serves as a template of sorts to keep your painting neat. That way my flowers look like flowers.

I decided to upcycle a glass jar using a few of these glass painting ideas.  I was given the jar by a friend and use it in the bathroom to store cosmetic wedges.  I wanted to add a bit of spring to my home since I am so tired of all the winter snow.  I thought a few colorful flowers would be a great idea but the flowers I paint by hand don’t look like flowers.


  • Martha Stewart Crafts Paintable Clings Butterflies and Blossoms
  • Martha Stewart Glass Paint Liquid Fill #33203 Key Lime
  • Martha Stewart Glass Paint Liquid Fill #33214 Raincoat
  • Glass jar, canister or other glass or ceramic item to upcycle

Glass painting tips


  • Make sure that your glass surface is clean, dry and smooth. Glass paintable clings can be used on nonporous glass or ceramic surfaces.
  • Plan your design and make sure that you know where you want the clings to go and that they will fit before you begin.
Glass painting tips
  • Place the cling on a flat surface and using the glass paint liquid fill, fill in each open area of the cling.  Work on small sections and make sure to fill in each area completely.
  • Continue painting until all areas of the cling are filled in. Use a paint brush for small areas or the tip of the paint bottle in larger areas.
  • Let the paint dry completely.
  • Carefully peel off the dried painted cling from the backing sheet.
Glass painting tips
  • Position it where you want it on your glass or ceramic surface and press gently to smooth it.
  • Wash all of your tools.
  • Remember these are for decorative purposes only.  They are not dishwasher safe. You can carefully and lightly wipe them with a damp cloth to clean them.

Do you have any glass painting ideas that I’ve missed? Have you tried glass painting clings before or do you paint freestyle?

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  1. Beautiful!! I've never heard of those, have to look into now!! Pinned & Tweeted!!
  2. Mary/ Raising Dick and Jane says
    That looks pretty easy and fun!
  3. that is really pretty. I will have to keep my eyes open next time I am at the craft store!
  4. Mag@GirlyCreation says
    It is so beautiful and I have some glass bottles that I really want to personalize.
  5. Katie B. of says
    I just love the way this turned out! Next time I'm at the craft store, I'm definitely looking for that kit. If you haven't already, I'd love if you'd come join my How To Tuesday link party, too.
  6. Rose Powell says
    I've actually painted on glass jars before, made some beautiful creations (with A LOT of practice), but this IS MUCH simpler, no more "mistakes", erasing, do overs, unfulfilled "happiness" because that petal didn't come out right. VERY NICE!
  7. Southern Scraps says
    That turned out really pretty!
  8. Joyce@MommyTalkShow says
    I'm sooooo NOT crafty. But I feel like I should do more of this as an outlet and to encourage my son's artistic side.
  9. I love any craft that a novice can do, since I'm barely even at that level with talent, lol! That is so pretty, and it does look easy enough. Thanks!
  10. Raquel @ Organized Island says
    I have never tried these painting clings but am going to try them! Pinning this post from Diana Ramble's party.  Love this!
  11. Tazim @ says
    That looks like a lot of fun - I have some glass paint that I have been meaning to use. The clings you have make it seem much easier to do, though.
    • Ellen Christian says
      It was fun.  Unfortunately, I have no real painting skill so the clings are really good for me.
  12. Lisa Hall says
    Wow! Very pretty...such a great recycle/upcycle idea! I did not know about the Martha Stewart paintable clings...that makes this project a more likely prospect for me and my limited painting abilities! I found you through the Diana Rambles: Pin Me Linky Party and have pinned this great idea! Thanks so much! Lisa H.
  13. Dawn Lopez says
    Wow, what a cool idea! Love the way those came out!
  14. Betty Taylor says
    That is beautiful!  I have used vinyl to decorate glass.  Never painted.Hopping by with WSM Blog Hop!
  15. Beautiful! I can relate to the woes of trying to paint something recognizable on glass , so this is my kind of project!
  16. That's so pretty! I never though to paint on a glass jar before. I have a ton sitting around my house and definitely want to do this this week.
  17. Ellen, this came out beautifully! I just love your glass painting!
  18. ooooooooooooooooooooo... this looks gorgeous Ellen! You also make it seem so easy. Once I feel a little more comfortable in my new found craftiness I may try this out. 
    • Ellen Christian says
      Thank you!  The clings really do make it very easy to paint. Trust me. I have no painting talent at all.
  19. Super Sweet Craft, Thanks for sharing on Tutorial Thursdays. I hope to see you again this week for some more amazing fun :) x Natalie
  20. Diana Rambles says
    So pretty!
  21. KC @ The Real Thing with the Coake Family says
    Very cute and it looks so simple to make as well.  KC

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