How to Organize Laundry Room Chaos Easily

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Do you know how to organize laundry room chaos easily? Of all of the housework chores, laundry is the one that seems the most never ending to me.  I can get all of the laundry washed, dried, folded and put away and a few hours later, there is a full basket of dirty clothes again. Most of the laundry ends up being my responsibility. Yes, I know that I have two teenagers and a husband who “should” be able to help with laundry.  Honestly, I’ve tried a few times, but it just doesn’t work out.  The clothes aren’t sorted correctly.  The amount of detergent is never right.  The clothes come out damp from the dryer.  They get wadded up into a wrinkled mess instead of folded neatly. 

How to organize laundry room chaos easily


How to Organize Laundry Room Chaos Easily

I have decided that I need to work on getting an organized laundry room to help reduce a bit of the chaos. The first step in being able to organize laundry is to make it easier for people to help.  Right now, everyone has a laundry basket in their room for dirty clothes.  When it’s full, they bring it downstairs to the bathroom where the laundry is for me to wash. That doesn’t work well for me because there is nowhere to sort the laundry. I like to sort laundry into darks, whites, and towels. Here are a few steps I’m taking to get more organized.

  • Do it daily. Do a little bit every day. Don’t try to tackle a mound of laundry all in one day. Dirty clothes that are left to build up can leave an odor in your laundry room, and there is always a potential increase in bacteria.

  • Make everyone responsible for making sure their clothes get brought to the laundry room when they are dirty. You can’t do it all.
  • Sort the laundry. Laundry should be sorted into dark, lights, towels and delicates.  All too often I toss it all in the washer together.
  • Store supplies nearby. If you have the room, make sure that all of your laundry supplies are stored near the washer/dryer. We have a tiny bathroom/laundry room, so that’s not always possible.
  • All in one washer/dryer. We have very little room in the bathroom. The only way I could have a washer, AND dryer is to get an all in one unit. It goes in dirty, washes, dries, and comes out clean. It’s a huge time saver.

How to organize laundry room chaos easily

  • Remove the laundry as soon as it is dry. You will not have wrinkles that way. Promptly fold and put away. Don’t live out of a laundry basket all week. If you do have ironing to do, deal with it immediately and hang it up. That way the laundry room will be clean, and the clothes will be ready to wear.

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Do you have any tips for organizing laundry?

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  1. I had a sorter that had a padded top that was hinged.  Perfect for folding and stacking clean laundry.  I would highly recommend getting one like that.  I no longer have it because I have a freezer utilizing the space where it once was in my laundry room.

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