Bathroom Organization Ideas for my Healthy Home

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We live in a fairly small home with a very tiny bathroom. Having a tiny bathroom wouldn’t be that bad if we had several bathrooms, but we don’t.  We have one tiny bathroom.  Try that with two teenagers for a while and see how frustrating it can be. I have been searching for bathroom organization ideas to make the most of the space that we have.

Bathroom organization ideas for the important stuff #WalgreensOlogy #shop

Bathroom Organization Ideas for my Healthy Home

There are two basic things I need easy access to in the bathroom, paper products and cleaning products.  No one wants to run out of the important paper products at a time when they need them most. Since I am the only one in the house that seems to be able to remember to change the toilet paper on the roll when it’s empty, this has happened several times. When I leave a spare roll on the back of the toilet, it always ends up getting knocked down by the cats and chased around the room. Not a good solution.

Bathroom organization ideas for my healthy home

The last time I was in Walgreens, I noticed their Ology paper products.  They are made from bamboo and sugarcane husk and are totally TREE FREE! I love that. Trees aren’t a resource that we should just be flushing away. Since I was so inspired by this phrase, I decided to make a toilet paper caddy to keep my toilet paper handy and organized.

Bathroom organization ideas for my healthy home

I started with unfinished wooden crate, acrylic paint and a few embellishments  to decorate the front of the caddy with my phrase. You could create this caddy with any phrase or theme you want.  Try Ahoy Matey for a nautical theme or rubber ducks for a children’s bathroom.

Bathroom organization ideas for my healthy home

After painting the crate and the embellishments, just attach them with tacky glue and allow to dry completely. I set it on the back of the toilet so it’s within easy reach.

Bathroom organization ideas for my healthy home #WalgreensOlogy #shop

Cleaning the bathroom every day makes it easier to control germs and grime.  I want the bathroom cleaning products in the bathroom within easy reach of what I am cleaning. I hate having to go into the kitchen to get cleaning products and the pantry for the paper towels each time I want to clean the bathroom.  I found a pink plastic cleaning caddy and placed them all inside along with a roll of paper towels. Now everything is within easy reach when I need it. If your children are younger, make sure you set the cleaning caddy up high out of reach. Keeping the cleaning products and paper towels in one place makes cleaning easier and faster.

You can create a healthy home for your family by using Ology products which are free of 10 harmful chemicals. They are available exclusively from Walgreens.  Using these products is an easy way to show your social responsibility.


Here are a few more tips to organize your entire house.


  1. hoooray for healthy homes!!  i was JUST at walgreens not an hour ago i wish i'd have seen this
  2. These are great tips.  That toilet paper caddy is really cute!
  3. I love your little organizer. So cute!! I love these products, too. I actually won a huge basket of them during BlogHer. Great stuff!!
  4. These sound like awesome products! Wow.. tree free huh? Brilliant! Will have to try them out!
  5. Love the caddies!  Funny how my boys never remember to restock the tp either.
  6. I seriously love that basket to help organize the bathroom! That is awesome! It would really help my bathroom. 
  7. Such a cute project! I love the idea of making it with rubber ducks for a kids bathroom!
  8. I have never ever bought cleaning supplies from Walgreens, but I am absolutely going to support this brand :)  YAY! I get to try new products. 
  9. I love Ology but I had never seen the Tree Free before! Thanks!
  10. I use Ology hbc products too! Their mint conditioning shampoo smells fantastic!!
  11. I haven't heard of Ology . It looks like a great clean & green product that I can add to my home.
  12. We tried a basket, but the toilet paper kept ending up in the toilet or on the floor. Now we just keep it in the linen closet. I've seen Ology paper products before, but didn't realize they were tree free. Are they as soft as they say they are?
    • I so wish that we had a linen closet near the bathroom. Ours is upstairs near the bedrooms.  The Ology bathroom tissues is definitely as soft as what we were using before.  We like it so far!
  13. what cute ideas, I have seen these products before at Walgreens, I have been wanting to try out the baby products. 
  14. I love the looks you created. I use ology products all the time but have never thought of leaving them out... you made they look great
  15. I have never used the tree free stuff. I may have to check it out.
  16. Hadn't heard of these products earlier but now know I need to keep an eye out for them the next time at Walgreens. Love the fact that the brand follows a tree free mandate
  17. i haven't tried the ology products yet, although I have seen them a couple of times. I may have to pick some up next time I am at walgreens!
  18. What a cute holder for your toilet paper! i find keeping Ology toilet paper on back of the tank a must for ensuring the holder gets refilled! #client
  19. I love what you got here.  So beautiful.
  20. I truly love the Ology's unpaper products! They work well and I love that they are sustainable. I love your organizer!
  21. I didn't even know they made tree free toilet paper and other non paper products...Cool Beans! I will definitely check these out the next time I'm in Walgreens. Thanks for letting us know. Very cute organizational items!
  22. I just cleaned and organized (mostly) my small apt bathroom. I got an energy efficient shower head, so that was the motivator! Love reading more motivating tips to help me out.


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