How to Make Natural Laundry Boosters

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Find out how to make natural laundry boosters. Make your clothes whiter and cleaner without harmful chemicals. Try these easy natural laundry recipes today.

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4 all natural laundry boosters to whiten whites, remove odors and eliminate stains

Natural Laundry Boosters

I try to pay attention to the little things when I do laundry. The kids sort of use the “throw it all in the washer together and pray” philosophy of laundry. Today, when I was getting ready to start a load of laundry, I noticed that my daughter left her clothes in the dryer.

Being an amazing, helpful mom, I removed them and folded them not without noticing the ink pen, lighter and wadded up pieces of paper that had also gone through the laundry.  Thank heaven nothing was ruined.

I guess it’s time to have another discussion about what we do when we put the laundry into the washing machine including emptying pockets and not filling the laundry detergent cup until it overflows.

We also need to talk about natural laundry boosters since a few of her white tops are looking dingy. Natural laundry boosters can help remove stains and get clothes cleaner. These are the ones that work for my family.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is a fantastic choice for removing stains. I have safely used it on brights and colors many times but it can have natural bleaching properties so check in a small inconspicuous place first to be certain.

Just spray it directly onto the stain or you can add a half cup to the bleach dispenser in your washer to treat the whole load of laundry.

sliced lemons on a cutting board

Lemon Juice

Just like you can add lemon juice to your hair to lighten it, you can add lemon juice to your laundry to brighten whites. Do not use lemon juice on colors because it will have a bleaching effect.

Wash your white towels or sheets as normal, remove them from the washing machine & spray lightly with lemon juice. Then set out in the sun to dry.

a bottle of white vinegar

White Vinegar

White vinegar can help remove stains but what it’s really best at is as a softener and an odor remover. Add a half a cup of white vinegar with each load of clothing to help with these problems. This works wonderfully on my son’s stinky work out clothes.

Washing Soda

Washing soda is NOT baking soda. You can find washing soda in the laundry aisle. Washing soda is also known as sodium carbonate and is basically sodium, carbon, and oxygen. Follow the directions on the package.

4 all natural laundry boosters to whiten whites, remove odors and eliminate stains

These natural laundry boosters will help take some of the work out of doing the laundry every day. These are common household solutions that women used long before commercial laundry products were available.  They’re inexpensive and much better for the environment that many other laundry products.

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6 thoughts on “How to Make Natural Laundry Boosters”

  1. I have heard of using white vinegar and lemon juice as laundry boosters, but I have not tried either of these. I have never heard of washing soda, very interesting. Thank you for sharing this post, I found it very informative.
  2. Great tips! I put vinegar in every load. Another natural laundry tip is to use the sun to bleach out stains, easy, free and it works really well.
  3. I like white vinegar the best of those on your list. I can buy it on sale for very little and by the gallon so it lasts longer. Sometimes I can find it for less than a dollar for a whole gallon. I hate dingy clothes but also use vinegar to clean the coffee pot. I let the apt people clean the washing machines!

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