Ninja Cooking System Review

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Getting a delicious, healthy meal on the table quickly sounds like a dream come true some days.  It always seems like at the end of the day, I am running behind on everything. Dinner is late. Someone is at the door. The phone won’t stop ringing.  I’m seriously tempted to load the family into the car and head out for fast food. Honestly, some days I do, but I know that’s not the answer.  It seems like meals that are good for you take a long time to prepare. Meals that are super quick are generally not healthy or don’t taste very good.

Ninja Cooking System review

Ninja Cooking System Review

When I went to BlogHer Food in Austin, Texas in June, I had the check out some of the neat products from Ninja Kitchen.  While they were all pretty amazing, the one that stood out for me the most was the Ninja Cooking System. The Ninja Cooking System is a 3 in 1 cooking system. It does:

  • Steam Infused Roasting and Baking
  • Fast One Pot Meal Making
  • Searious Programmable Slow Cooking
Ninja cooking system review
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It uses triple fusion heat to cook food with 30% less fat and 30% faster than conventional ovens. What is triple fusion heat? The Ninja Cooking System uses bottom/side heat along with superheated steam to cook. The Ninja Cooking System is truly amazing. It can do just about any kind of cooking that I want it to.  I can roast a 6 pound chicken or 4 pound roast using steam infused roasting.  The steam baking means I can bake yummy muffins or cupcakes (and use up to half the fat). I can make one pot meals like spaghetti and meatballs or shrimp scampi with 5 minutes prep time and 30 minutes total cooking time!  When I use it as a slow cooker, I can sear the meat right in the same pan & then re-heat it tomorrow in the same non stick pot!

Ninja cooking system

The Ninja Cooking System has been saving me TONS of time in the kitchen. I can cook the entire meal in non-stick pot. It’s removable for serving, easy to clean and unbreakable.  The oven temperature can be set between 250F and 425F degrees so it easily cooks any meal I want to make. The built in stove top can be set to low, medium or high.  The slow cooker has a timer and an auto keep warm function. You can program it with low, high or buffet settings.

Ninja Cooking System Review

I made a Hearty Skillet Lasagna in the Ninja Cooking System and it was amazing. I literally had 10 minutes hands on time and everything was cooked and served all in one pot! It cleaned up super quickly and was very easy to use. The Ninja Cooking System comes with a multi-purpose pan and a silicone petite muffin tray.  It also comes with a recipe booklet to get you started using the Ninja Cooking System. If you’d like to save time in the kitchen without sacrificing taste or resorting to unhealthy food, I definitely recommend the Ninja Cooking System.

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This Ninja Cooking System review is made possible by a product provided at no charge. This post may contain affiliate links. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

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  1. I learned about steam-infused roasting, which uses bottom heat and side-band heating, combined with super-heated steam, to cook 50% faster, with less fat.  I would love to try a small turkey in this!
  2. Thanks for the giveaway…The pot (in which the actual food is placed) is dishwasher safe, the rest is wipe, or hand wash only.

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