How to Pack a Lunch Salad Container So It Travels Well

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Knowing how to pack a lunch salad container can make all the difference in how it tastes! When I take my lunch to go, I usually pack a salad of some sort. It’s healthy, easy, affordable and fast. But, if you’re not careful, it won’t travel anywhere near as well as you’d like it to. This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Rubbermaid®.

How to Pack a Lunch Salad Container So It Travels Well

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Pack a Lunch Salad Container

Sure, you can toss everything in a bowl with a container but your salad won’t arrive where it’s going looking or tasting very good. The key is to keep the various pieces separate from each other so they stay fresh. Plus, I hate when the salad dressing pools at the bottom and makes everything soggy. Here are a few tips I follow when putting together a lunch salad container.

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Separate Compartments

There is nothing worse that squashed tomatoes and soggy lettuce when you finally get to eat lunch. Keep all of the different ingredients separate to keep them fresh. Plus, if you have nuts, dried fruits, croutons or shredded cheese, you’ll want them to be separate as well. When it’s time to eat, you can simply mix it all up.
How to Pack a Lunch Salad Container So It Travels Well

Tightly Fitting Lid

Freshness matters. To keep your salad fresh and all of the pieces intact, make sure that your container has a tightly fitting lid. Plus, you’ll want to be sure that each ingredient is kept separate from the rest of the salad. This is especially important if any of the ingredients are liquid like salad dressing, cottage cheese, or canned fruit.

See Through Container

Have I ever mentioned the time I went to grab my salad for lunch that day and didn’t realize that I grabbed a container of leftover spaghetti sauce instead? It wouldn’t have been that bad except I was at work when I realized that I didn’t have any lunch with me for the day.

Salad Dressing

Whatever you do, pack your salad dressing separately from the rest of your salad. I cannot tell you how unappetizing a salad is that has been soaking in salad dressing for the past six hours.

How to Pack a Lunch Salad Container So It Travels Well

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How to Pack a Lunch Salad Container So It Travels Well

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