How Can I Store Fresh Fall Apples

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Are you wondering how to store fresh fall apples? It’s almost apple season again, and I am looking forward to picking apples at our local orchard. Vermont is known for several different types of apples and we have quite a few orchards in our area. Each year, I try to go apple picking at least once. When the kids were little, I always brought them along with me. Now that they’re older, I usually go by myself. 

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How to Pick and Store Fresh Fall Apples So They Last

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How to Store Fresh Fall Apples

Once you pick the apples, you want them to last as long as possible. You may be bringing the apples home from the grocery store, the farmer’s market or from the pick your own orchard. It’s important to remember that apples stop ripening once you pick them. However, they will go bad if not stored properly.

Storage Temperature

You will want to keep apples cool (about 30-35F) so the refrigerator is ideal if you don’t have a lot of apples. A refrigerator thermometer is helpful to be sure the refrigerator is the right temperature. Do not leave the apples in a bowl on the table or the counter unless you plan on eating them right away.
How to Pick and Store Fresh Fall Apples So They Last

Humidity Level

Apples emit ethylene gases so it’s important that you keep them in a crisper drawer. A crisper drawer will allow the gasses to vent so the fruit doesn’t rot prematurely. Place the apples in the crisper drawer on a produce saver sheet to keep them fresh.  This sheet will help to control the humidity level. A freshness extender can also help to absorb ethylene gas.Storing Bulk

If you have too many apples to easily fit in your refrigerator, they can be stored in a basket in a cool area of your home like a basement. A wire multi-bin is a great option because it allows air to circulate around the apples while they’re being stored. If space is an issue, a wire hanging basket will offer the same benefits without taking up floor space. Don’t simply toss them in a cardboard box because air will not circulate easily which can lead to spoilage.

How to Pick and Store Fresh Fall Apples So They Last

Best Type to Store

If you’re wondering what the best type of apple to store is, certain types will store better than others. When considering long-term storage, look for Fuji, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Red Delicious and Macintosh apple varieties. These types of apples are generally more firm and have thicker skins. Apples that are softer will not store as long.

Long Term Storage

If you’re wondering how to store apples long term, wrap each apple lightly in a newspaper and place it in a wire bin in a cool area of your home. Rotate the apples regularly and remove any that are becoming soft.

Damaged Apples

Be sure that you do not store apples with bruises or damaged apples. They will go bad and cause the rest of the apples to go bad. It’s much better to turn those into applesauce or apple pie. If you’re wondering how to store pears, it’s much the same way.

How do you store fresh fall apples?

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