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I was invited to join in the Driscoll’s Berries Virtual Holiday Crafts Workshop and Competition. Driscoll’s Berries invited me to create a beautiful berry craft as part of this competition. I created a Lighted Berry Holiday Centerpiece using Driscoll’s Red Raspberries.

Holiday Crafts - Lighted Berry Holiday Centerpiece Driscoll's Berries

Holiday Crafts – Lighted Berry Holiday Centerpiece

Lighted Berry Holiday Centerpiece


Silver tray
2 glass wide mouth jars
1 bunch of greenery
1 glass votive holder
1 dark red votive candle
1 package of gold colored floating candles
1 package mini pine cones
1 package of Driscoll’s Red Raspberries

Lighted Berry Holiday Centerpiece Driscolls Berries

  • Cut or pull the greenery off the branch & circle it around the inside of each glass wide mouth jar.
Lighted Berry Holiday Centerpiece Driscolls Berries
  • Fill each glass wide mouth jar with water.
Lighted Berry Centerpiece Driscolls Berries
  • Fill the top of each glass wide mouth jar with Driscoll’s Red Raspberries.
  • Carefully add a gold colored floating candle to the center of each glass wide mouth jar.
Lighted Berry Holiday Centerpiece Driscolls Berries
  • Decorate the silver tray with mini pine cones, add the glass votive jar and dark red votive candle.
  • Light the candles. Do NOT leave unattended.

This is a very simple holidy centerpiece that you can create and use to decorate your table. If you enjoyed my craft, take a look at a few of my friends’ crafts:



  1. Rose Powell says
    That's a very beautiful centerpiece. What a very neat challenge from Driscoll's Berries. You did an awesome job!! How long will it last, or is it suited for a one day thing?
    • Ellen Christian says
      Thank you!  I only used it for one day. You could probably get more than that out of it. Just check the berries for softness occasionally.
  2. that is so awesome. Can't wait to try it
  3. Mary Beth Elderton says
    This is beautiful!
  4. Amber Edwards says
    WOW, that is so simple yet so elegant! You just rock Ellen!!
  5. I love this..will have to show mi Sis looking for centerpiece wedding ideas!
  6. JamericanSpice / Colette S says
    Wow. I had to come see it better. I love it!
  7. Mary/ Raising Dick and Jane says
    I love making table scapes! Thanks for the idea.
  8. Wow, you are one craft lady! AWESOME job!
  9. Beautiful Ellen - I just wish the berries weren't so expensive like where I live in the mountains - might need to change it up with acorns or small pine cones.  Love the idea!!
  10. I like what you did for your centerpiece. The project is so simple to make, yet the result is so sophisticated! You really showed off the nice red color of the raspberries nicely.
  11. Cindy Dawkins says
    Absolutely beautiful - I will be making these!!
  12. Anne Younger says
    These are beautiful!
  13. beautiful! I love finding creative natural decor ideas. Of course, I might want to eat that one :)
  14. Patricia Hancock says
    I love this idea. So pretty! 
  15. Mag @ Giry Creation says
    This is totally awesome, I wish that I would have a Christmas party and show off this one but I will be on the plane this year.
  16. Rebecca E. Parsons says
    this is really beautiful and so easy to do...that is a great combo on the busy holidays!!! thanks for sharing your creativity
  17. Shan @ Last Shreds Of Sanity says
    Oh what a cool project! I bet this would look good on a coffee table, too. Or change up the colors and do it for New Year's.
  18. Beeb Ashcroft says
    What a pretty centerpiece - very clever idea!
  19. Kayleen Considine says
    That is a beautiful centerpiece, and very inexpensive to make!!
  20. Lois Jones says
    Beautiful! This would look so lovely on any table. 
  21. How beautiful!  This is a great idea that I'll have to try this for our Christmas this year.
  22. Gayle Sackett says
    Very fresh idea!  I like the way the light shines off the silver through the glass and on the red raspberries!
  23. Carol Tenney says
    I love the simplicity of your design. Easy to look at by gorgeous to look at!
  24. I spotted this on Pinterest, how fun~~ so festive. thanks for sharing!
  25. Helen @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog says
    This is SO beautiful! I'm visiting via Inspire Me Wednesday! Helen @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog
  26. Mel Lockcuff says
    Ellen, at first glance, I thought the leaves were painted on; these are so beautiful! And so natural.... love that! Thanks so much for linking up to Inspire Me Wednesday.:)
  27. Virginia Rogers says
    Looks so pretty yet looks easy enough to do, what a nice holiday idea, love it!! Thank you!!


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