Last Minute Centerpieces for Christmas

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Are you looking for easy last minute Christmas decor? Check out these last minute centerpieces for the holidays and make one today.

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I’m not big on Christmas decorations that can only be used for a few weeks a year. That means I need to store boxes of decorations for the other 11 months they aren’t in use. Instead, I look for everyday items that I can use in a variety of different ways. 

Easy last minute Christmas decor idea

Last Minute Centerpieces

This project is an easy last minute idea that you can make using things you probably already have at home. You can experiment a bit if you don’t have exactly what I’ve used.

When it comes to last minute Christmas decor, the key is to use what you have on hand. No one has time for another trip to the store for project supplies.

What you need to make this last minute Christmas decor

You probably already have most of these items at home already. I know that I did. If you don’t have them, you can order them. Or, you can try to find them locally at a second-hand or thrift store. I always try our local Goodwill first before I buy things new.

  • Epsom salt (try granulated sugar if you don’t have Epsom salt)
  • Ribbons, bows, etc.

a basket of Christmas ornaments and pine cones

Last minute centerpieces directions

When making last minute centerpieces, it’s easiest to use what you already have at home.

  • Pour a few inches of Epsom salts into the bottom of the Mason jar.
  • Carefully drop in a few red mini Christmas balls or a layer of fresh cranberries.
  • Add a tealight candle (note this is for decoration only – not for use)
  • Put the top on the Mason jar.
  • Tie pretty ribbon or bows around the top in coordinating colors.
  • Arrange miscellaneous items around the base of the jar to fill the tray.

Easy last minute Christmas decor

Safety tip

Note that this is for decoration, not for use. I’m not sure it would be safe to burn the tealight on top of the mini Christmas balls. I’m sure it would work on top of cranberries without an issue as long as you watched it while it was burning.  

Set this in the middle of the table on a pretty tray with some evergreen boughs and Christmas balls. You could easily leave this up past Christmas if you wanted to. This is one of the easiest simple Christmas decorations ideas I’ve made.

For an added plus, you can use Epsom salts that have added essential oils. I used eucalyptus in mine. Plus, I used the pinecones that I had sprayed with cinnamon essential oils.

You might as well get some benefit from this besides it looking pretty.

Easy 5 minute Christmas ornament

Recycled Christmas decorations

It’s so important to me to reduce our waste whenever possible. Using recycled Christmas decorations is a wonderful way to do that.

You can shop at your local thrift store to find decorations to use. Or, if you have some that you’re not using, start with those. 

For more DIY Christmas decorations and easy last minute centerpieces, visit a few of my favorite bloggers:

Christmas decorations for kids

If you want a few Christmas decorations for kids to keep them busy during the holidays, I have a few simple ideas that they will enjoy.

  • These felt cany ornaments almost look good enough to eat. Check out this post.
  • This button wreath ornament is a wonderful way to use up extra buttons. Get the directions from The Ribbon Retreat.

Want more easy last minute Christmas decor? Check out these tips for a natural Christmas wreath. Don’t forget to check out these Christmas holiday safety tips!

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