Cricut Mini Personal Die Cut Machines for Holiday Projects

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Have you been considering a Cricut Mini Personal Die Cut Machine? I started making my own notecards years ago when I used to have an online craft business. I sold the cards to customers and also tucked a thank you card in with each order. 

Cricut Mini Personal Die Cut Machines

Cricut Mini Personal Die-Cut Machines

I spent hours wandering through the craft store checking out the Cricut machines and all the neat die cuts that I could make if I had one. Fast forward several years until I was president of our local PTA. One of the things I enjoyed doing was creating our monthly PTA bulletin board. All the neat letters, shapes and border pieces came from a Cricut machine.

Cricut Mini Personal Die Cut Machines

Fast forward a few several years, and I still enjoy making note cards except now, it is just for fun and holidays. When I was contacted to review one of the Cricut Mini personal die cut machines, you could have heard my shout of joy in the next county.

Finally, I would have one of my very own to play with.  The Cricut Mini is made for everyday use, school projects, organization, scrapbook embellishments, cards, invitations, and more.  It is perfect for the casual crafter.   The Cricut Mini is designed to work with Cricut Craft Room, so you can make designs and experiments before your first cut.

Is the Cricut Mini Still Usable?

As an update, since the Cricut Craft Room is no longer available, the Cricut Mini Personal Die-Cut Machines will no longer function. Instead, you should look for another Cricut Machine for your craft projects.

Cricut Mini Personal Die Cut Machines

The free Cricut Craft Room online design software makes it easy to design and create projects with your Cricut machine. Just create your free account and start designing your project.  

Cricut Mini Personal Die Cut Machines

You can choose from a wide variety of letters and shapes that are included with your Cricut mini.  Just drag them onto the mat to create your design just the way you want it.  Then click *cut* and the design you created will be cut from the paper you have loaded on the cutting mat for the Cricut mini.

Check out Cricut Access Membership Plans.

Cricut Mini Personal Die Cut Machines

Peel the paper off the sticky cutting mat and remove the pieces you need for your design.  Now you’re set to create a notecard, gift tag, decorate a bulletin board or scrapbook page, etc.

a handmade Christmas card

The Cricut Craft Room

As of 11/8/19, the Cricut Craft Room is no longer available. The Cricut Craft Rooms gives you access to over 500 free images and 40 project ideas. If you’d like more images than what comes with the Cricut Mini, you can purchase digital image sets from the Cricut Craft Room starting at $4.99 each. With the Cricut Mini, you can cut a wide range of materials including cardstock, vinyl, vellum, fabric, chipboard, and even thin foils.

Cricut Mini Discontinued

The Cricut Mini has been discontinued. If you’re looking for a new Cricut Machine, I highly recommend you Check out what’s new at Cricut.

The Cricut Mini is very easy to use. When you first get it, you need to install the blade which takes only seconds.  Then you plug it in, create an account at the Cricut Craft Room, and connect the USB cable to your computer.   You create your design in the Craft Room and then click cut and your Cricut Mini cuts out the design on the paper you loaded.  

When you get the Cricut Mini, it comes with everything you need to use. That includes a cutting mat, cutting blade, power cord, and USB cord.   You can buy extra cartridges if you want to create different things that aren’t in the Craft Room. But, you don’t need to.  Additionally, Provo Craft now offers Holiday Rental Bundles which gives you access to hundreds of holiday and winter-themed images for three months, starting at $19.99.

Take a look at all the amazing holiday projects you can create with your Cricut.  Or, you may want to check out a few Silhouette Craft Projects. The Silhouette has much of the same crafting abilities as the Cricut Mini does. And, it is still available today.

You can also check out the selection of machines on Amazon and choose the one that’s best for you.

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  1. Amanda Wegner says
    I learned how to make treat bags, & hopefully will be able to put this knowledge to use with my new cricut :)
  2. Lynn Green Brooks says
    I learned that you can do so much more with a cricut than just scrapbooking
    • Denise Bogue-Skonieczki says
      All I've done is scrapbook with my Cricut .... I'm interested in learning more idea's including the mini and doing cakes.... I love Cricut and recently created a wonderful craft room just for crafting ....
  3. Angie Agerter says
    That there are so many different cartridges to choose from ( I love the seasonal one)
  4. I didn't know about the Craft Room and that you could play around before cutting
  5. Raina DelRio says
    You can make so many different things with this-vinyl decals, cupcake holder, 3d shapes. Right now they have a special that you can get a free quilted ornament download when you register your new machine. 
  6. Melissa Rheinlander says
    The Craft room is really cool and the idea project center too!!
  7. Mary Alice Gibbons says
    I learned you can use the Cricut for projects other than scrapbooking!
  8. I would give this as a gift to my daughter as she loves to do craft with her children  and this would help her a lot. as she has a a 15 year old a 8 year old and a 7 year old and a 3 year old. I no she would love this
  9. Thomas Murphy says
    I learned the Cricut Expression 2 has a full-color LCD touch screen display.
  10. Helen Bisesi says
    You can cut all kinds of materials with your Cricut.
  11. carol roberts says
    different cartridges to choose from
  12. I love cricut! Although i have not used it. Seems like it might be a bit tough to get the hang of it. If I win i will have to challenge myself & figure it out! Lol
  13. Karen Medlin says
    learned there is so much to do with the circut, you can make a pennant banner, little cupcake boxes, monogram store bought ornaments.. the list goes on.. this is the perfect gift for all our party needs and makes it easier instead of cutting out each piece that you need for your projects.
  14. i learned that Cricut is the family of products that will help you hear the three little words most creators just can’t get enough of: “You made that?” It doesn’t matter if you want to craft cards, scrapbooks, home décor, and more!
  15. I like that if I need inspiration I can go to the Cricut Project Center.
  16. Amanda Freeman says
    I learned that I definitely need this for Christmas! :);-Personal-Electronic-Cutter-363-1715.aspx
  17. I learned that you can link and use the physical cartridges you already have, as well as purchase digital cartridges from Cricut.
  18. I learned that you can share the crafts who you have made with your Cricut on the Community page.
  19. Keely Hostetter says
    I learned some really cute ideas that seem easy to make with their machine. So creative.
  20. JamericanSpice / Colette S says
    You can download the software to your pc
  21. adrienne warren says
    I can down load form my pc cool beans and I like the victorian percut package. would be sweet for christmass cards and decorating
  22. I learned that I want one!!!!  You can make anything with this!!
  23. Michelle Hahn says
    I learned that the cricut website has lots of great craft ideas and instructions along with their products!
  24. I learned there are so many more ideas than I ever thought of before! Can't wait to get started on some of these like the bleach guitar shirt!
  25. Kathy Stahlman says
    I learned its easy to make your own cards , and that scapbooking is more fun with a cricut. Would love to win one.
  26. I learned there is more then one way to use a circut...
  27. I learned that they have thousands of digital images you can use for all your projects.
  28. Wow! I learned that you automatically get access to over 500 free images and 40 designs. :D
  29. Cindy Dawkins says
    I learned they have a fabulous project center - I have all kinds of new ideas for scrapbook pages.
  30. Michelle @womenwwin says
    I learned it can cut fabric! COOL!
  31. you can cut different types of materials
  32. Wendie Lather says
    You can make some pretty neat things with this machine
  33. Dorothy Deakyne says
    Cricut Craft Room® Exclusives, Animal Kingdom® – Forest 2
  34. there are so many different cartridges to choose from
  35. mary fanara coleman says
    I learned that Making each project pop starts with the right artwork. From cartridges to digital images and Cricut Craft Room® Exclusives, we’ve got thousands of images for you to make each and every project your own.
  36. Becca from It's Yummilicious says
    I didn't realize there were so many different machines to choose from!  The "find your Cricut" is a great help in that decision-making process.
  37. The Original Cricut was one of our first forays into revolutionizing the craft world. It easily cuts letters and shapes out of all kinds of materials.
  38. Margaret Smith says
    I learned that you can get designs for as low as .99. I'd really love this, I'd make my own cards to start & so much more. Thanks so much for this giveaway and Happy Holidays!
  39. I learned how versatile the cricut is.
  40. I love all the projects that they show that the Cricut can be used for - cupcake toppers!!!
  41. I learned that you can use the Cricut for a lot more than just scrapbooking.  If I read correctly, you can log into the Cricut web site and use some of the patterns free for short periods of time.  Thank you so much for this giveaway and hope I win...Have a very Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!
  42. You can rent for as low as $19.99.
  43. I learned they have a Cricut Project Center for ideas.
  44. It will cu all types of materials.
  45. jari wietfeldt says
    I learned I can cut vinyl and put saying on things
  46. I learned that a cartridge can hold anywhere from 50 to 700 themed shapes and fonts.
  47. I was not aware that they had such awesome project ideas posted. Really, really fantastic stuff!
  48. I would like to get the Cricut Christmas Solutions Cartridge
  49. I learned that you also have access to over 500 free images and 40 project ideas
  50. That there is so much you can do with this machine...oh...and my wife would LOVE this!
  51. I learned that they sell rental bundles
  52. they have so many project ideas! I did not realize how many!
  53. Kayleen Considine says
    I learned that it includes over 1,200 layered images.
  54. You can make stuff beyond cards and signs. It has a whole section for food inspired projects.
  55. Nicole Vosburgh says
    I learned that they post projects in three categories: easy, moderate, and advanced.
  56. I learned that you can make 3d ornaments!!
  57. i have wanted a cricut for a long time
  58. I like how they have project center and places to get ideas on their site
  59. I learned that the Cricut Mini is easy to set works with Mac® and Windows® computers...and it comes with access to over 500 free digital images!
  60. Since I learned they work with Macs I've wanted one.
  61. Carla Prine says
    I always thought Cricut machines were only for card making and scrapbooking. I had no idea that they make cutouts and stencils for so many different uses.
  62. Teresa Peschke says
    i learned that you can use the ciricut craft room for all the machines. I thought they were only stand alone an you had to buy cartrages for them. This makes them much more access able. 
  63. Ease into Cricut with these three simple project videos. We'll take you from start to finish with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.
  64. johnny-amy lynn says
    alot more to do than only awesome
  65. learned that it can also cut fabric
  66. the Craft Room is cool and that you could play around before cutting
  67. i learned they are giving away quilted ornaments with any cricut machine purchase
  68. lauren knott says
    The craft room is awesome. Does it work with a MAC?
  69. I love the Cricut and would love to win the Mini! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
  70. Jennifer Streff says
    Awesome giveaway thank you!! I know someone who would love to get this for Xmas!!
  71. gloria perkins says
    I love the cricut mini cant wait to get one of my own :)
  72. Eileen Wassman says
    CCR looks like lots if creative fun.  Cards & school projects are my main goal. 
  73. There is so much variety to what you can do with this.  One example is the 3d ornaments.  Very, very nice!
  74. Cindy Wagner says
    I love using the cricut and I am learning more and everyday on great this machine can be! Its would a great addition to craft room
  75. Nancy DeJesus says
    I'm learning many things can be done with cricut. I've downloaded the craft room for mac, but just wished I have the Cricut machine to be able to share with everyone all my creativity. In the meantime I'm still cutting everything by hand and its much more tedious. I wish I did own a Cricut!
  76. That looks like so much fun to use!
  77. Cindy costa says
    Love love the Cricut craft Room
  78. Linda Spence says
    I learned that Cricut and the Craft Room are valuable tools to make just about anything.
  79. I love the bags!
  80. I love that you can try out designs in the craft room first.
  81. Gayle Sackett says
    I have a Cricut and just started using Cricut Craft Room.  I am enjoying the free Christmas projects at the moment.
  82. Anna M Hutchins says
    Cricut Craft room is a wonderland of great ideas. Thanks for the giveaway. Happy Holidays to you. Keep up the creativity that keeps me crafting.
  83. I learned that I could really use this machine with my Kindergarten class. :)
  84. Betty Weaver says
    I learned not to be afraid to try the Cricut Craft Room :)
  85. Cricut's are quite amazing machines!:)
  86. I have learned the craft room is a great place to start. The digital cartridges can be less expensive that buying a full cartridge.
  87. Carol Tenney says
    What a wonderful prize! This would be great for taking to crops!
  88. I learned that I need a cricut machine and I want those disney cartridges 
  89. Just started off into the card making world. Would love one of these!
  90. i love my cricut, and i love working in the craft room, it is amazing. i need the new mini as i love the A4 cutting sheets and the simplicity of the machine and the free images for the mini are amazing too. xxx
  91. I have used a gypsy but the craft room looks awesome. Bigger screen though same concept so I think it would be easy to use. I love the portability of the mini.
  92. I saw the project for a 3D Christmas Village that is so cute! This is all new to me, but it sounds like lots of fun!
  93. Valerie Griffin says
    The craft room technology looks SUPER convenient! I'm much more of a visual learner so I imagine this makes the creative process much more appealing!
  94. Cricut is available at Walmart.
  95. I learned they have over 300 cartridges you can purchase.
  96. Thinking of starting and this would be great!!!
  97. didn't know that they have over 300 cartridges
  98. krista grandstaff says
    My sister in law and I use hers for cards, etc...I would never have even thought about using one for ornaments...these are gorgeous!
  99. I didn't know that with a cricut you could actually see what you were working on before you cut it out!
  100. jules mcnubbin says
    i love all the projects you can do! i would love to make the Winter Lantern
  101. Mary Calabrese says
    I learned that there are hundreds of Cricut cartridges with so many images.
  102. you can make a santa card in under 30 min!
  103. I really like their craft room - such great inspiration! acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com
  104. Renee Richardson says
    I learned that the Holiday Deluxe Rental Bundle contains over 1200 layered images. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :) Renee fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com
  105. regina martinez says
    Anybody can do this ,this looks like fun!!!
  106. I love the craft room
  107. I learned that there are four different machines and they have a find my cricut option to help you figure out which one is best for you
  108. sheila musselman askins says
    i learned it -Cuts a wide range of materials—including cardstock, vinyl, vellum, fabric, chipboard, and even thin foils—in sizes ranging from ¼" to 11 ½"
  109. I learned that they have a 20% off sale at the moment
  110. I have been wanting a cricut to help with crafts.
  111. I learned with the cricut you have access to over 500 free images and 40 project ideas
  112. I learned there is a project center on the site with project ideas and instructions... I could spend a lot of time on this site!
  113.  learned how to make treat bags and possibly for my wedding guests out of town bags!
  114. I've learned that they have the Holiday Basics Rental Bundle that includes over 700 of our top holiday images from ten complete digital cartridges for $19.99/ 60 days!
  115. I learned that you can link and use the physical cartridges you already have, as well as purchase digital cartridges.
  116. I have played with the Cricut before, but I've never seen the computer software! Love it! Thank you for walking us through it. Now I want one even more!
  117. I learned about the Cicut software and online images. I have played with them before but have never seen the computer software. Makes is even more want-able!
  118. the cricut project center has a lot of ideas for projects
  119. they have a really cute holiday card making bundle.
  120. I learned that Cricut now has computer software
  121. I didn't know they had so many cricut machine options! 
  122. I learned that there are lots of ideas for projects on their website
  123. I learned that their vast library of artwork also has hundreds of carefully designed fonts.
  124. I learned they have the Cricut Craft Room Software which seems like it would make it really easy to use.
  125. Just download the free Cricut Craft Room® design software. Then log on with your account to get started.
  126. did not know they made a mini!! like to win this
  127. I learned about all of the different cartridges.
  128. I learned that they have a project center to give you ideas.
  129. I learned that it uses cartridges and that a cartridge can hold anywhere from 50 to 700 themed shapes and fonts.
  130. Candice Hull says
    A cartridge can hold anywhere from 50 to 700 themed shapes and fonts, that's crazy thank you
  131. You can make all kinds of things I didn't expect like the vilage houses
  132. Their Project Center has lots of ideas
  133. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says
    they have All Disney Digital Bundle vmkids3 at msn dot com
  134. i love that they have so many font options!
  135. I learned that you also have access to over 500 free images and also follow you vig g+
  136. Starletta Schipp says
    the project center is full of such wonderful ideas...that snowflake glass is beautiful 
  137. I learned that there is a 20% discount on selected items right now.
  138. So many choices and things to make.
  139. They have 20% off on select items right now.
  140. Connie Taylor says
    I see there is 32 holiday craft projects to access!
  141. they have 20% off now
  142. steve mccuan says
     20% discount on selected items right now.
  143. I like their pink Cricut Expression® 2
  144. I learned they have an all disney digital bundle that i really want to get soon!
  145. Sherry Conrad says
    I learned that you can make 3-d ornaments.
  146. I learned that it doesn't look too hard to use and maybe I could even do it!
  147. They have a all Disney digital bundle, that has Alice in Wonderland in it.
  148. the new batteries can hold power for up to ten years! wow!
  149. they have a help page to figure out what type of cricut to get!
  150. I learned you can connect your machine to computer to download fun stuff!
  151. Kimberly Hilbert says
    I didn't know they had Disney images.
  152. Barbara Mears says
    Love everything a cricut can do!
  153. Like the Project Center!
  154. I learned that they have a guide to help you decide which Circut is the right one for you
  155. Karine Traverse says
    I learned they have a Project Center with some great ideas and projects you can do.
  156. I learned its easy to use and the project center!
  157. Beth Palacios says
    You can connect it to your computer and download new stuff! Awesome!
  158. The Holiday Deluxe Rental Bundle is a great deal at $29.99.
  159. Michelle Tucker says
    They have projects listed as easy, hard and so on. Great site!
  160. i learned this is small and lightweight for saving office space :) i want it!!

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