Cricut Mini Personal Die Cut Machines for Holiday Projects

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Have you been considering a Cricut Mini Personal Die Cut Machine? I started making my own notecards years ago when I used to have an online craft business. I sold the cards to customers and also tucked a thank you card in with each order. 

Cricut Mini Personal Die Cut Machines

Cricut Mini Personal Die-Cut Machines

I spent hours wandering through the craft store checking out the Cricut machines and all the neat die cuts that I could make if I had one. Fast forward several years until I was president of our local PTA. One of the things I enjoyed doing was creating our monthly PTA bulletin board. All the neat letters, shapes and border pieces came from a Cricut machine.

Cricut Mini Personal Die Cut Machines

Fast forward a few several years, and I still enjoy making note cards except now, it is just for fun and holidays. When I was contacted to review one of the Cricut Mini personal die cut machines, you could have heard my shout of joy in the next county.

Finally, I would have one of my very own to play with.  The Cricut Mini is made for everyday use, school projects, organization, scrapbook embellishments, cards, invitations, and more.  It is perfect for the casual crafter.   The Cricut Mini is designed to work with Cricut Craft Room, so you can make designs and experiments before your first cut.

Is the Cricut Mini Still Usable?

As an update, since the Cricut Craft Room is no longer available, the Cricut Mini Personal Die-Cut Machines will no longer function. Instead, you should look for another Cricut Machine for your craft projects.

Cricut Mini Personal Die Cut Machines

The free Cricut Craft Room online design software makes it easy to design and create projects with your Cricut machine. Just create your free account and start designing your project.  

Cricut Mini Personal Die Cut Machines

You can choose from a wide variety of letters and shapes that are included with your Cricut mini.  Just drag them onto the mat to create your design just the way you want it.  Then click *cut* and the design you created will be cut from the paper you have loaded on the cutting mat for the Cricut mini.

Check out Cricut Access Membership Plans.

Cricut Mini Personal Die Cut Machines

Peel the paper off the sticky cutting mat and remove the pieces you need for your design.  Now you’re set to create a notecard, gift tag, decorate a bulletin board or scrapbook page, etc.

a handmade Christmas card

The Cricut Craft Room

As of 11/8/19, the Cricut Craft Room is no longer available. The Cricut Craft Rooms gives you access to over 500 free images and 40 project ideas. If you’d like more images than what comes with the Cricut Mini, you can purchase digital image sets from the Cricut Craft Room starting at $4.99 each. With the Cricut Mini, you can cut a wide range of materials including cardstock, vinyl, vellum, fabric, chipboard, and even thin foils.

Cricut Mini Discontinued

The Cricut Mini has been discontinued. If you’re looking for a new Cricut Machine, I highly recommend you Check out what’s new at Cricut.

The Cricut Mini is very easy to use. When you first get it, you need to install the blade which takes only seconds.  Then you plug it in, create an account at the Cricut Craft Room, and connect the USB cable to your computer.   You create your design in the Craft Room and then click cut and your Cricut Mini cuts out the design on the paper you loaded.  

When you get the Cricut Mini, it comes with everything you need to use. That includes a cutting mat, cutting blade, power cord, and USB cord.   You can buy extra cartridges if you want to create different things that aren’t in the Craft Room. But, you don’t need to.  Additionally, Provo Craft now offers Holiday Rental Bundles which gives you access to hundreds of holiday and winter-themed images for three months, starting at $19.99.

Take a look at all the amazing holiday projects you can create with your Cricut.  Or, you may want to check out a few Silhouette Craft Projects. The Silhouette has much of the same crafting abilities as the Cricut Mini does. And, it is still available today.

You can also check out the selection of machines on Amazon and choose the one that’s best for you.

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