Easy Cranberry Candle Centerpiece

Last Updated on February 23, 2023 by Ellen Christian

This easy cranberry candle centerpiece is perfect for your Thanksgiving or Christmas table. Make this cranberry centerpiece today.

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I love dressing up my table during the holidays. And, there are so many different options. Have you tried this easy fall centerpiece that I shared?

Or, if you’re looking for a centerpiece that works all year long, why not try this burlap and mason jar centerpiece. It’s so simple to make.

Easy cranberry candle centerpiece

Easy Cranberry Candle Centerpiece

Plus, it costs only pennies to make! I got an email from a local flower shop telling me that they had centerpieces on sale for the holidays and I briefly considered it until I saw the prices ranged from $40 – $75 for a simple centerpiece. I just can’t justify that when it’s something that generally just gets thrown away. 

We have my family over for Thanksgiving each year and I like to have something festive on the table. We don’t have a really large table so I want something colorful without being too overpowering. If you have a larger table, you could easily add some pinecones, fir branches, or other natural elements to your display.

Alternately, you can use a flat, rectangular dish if you don’t have something square. Just adjust the placement of the berries and the tealights.

Materials to make this project

  • Glass bowl
  • Fresh cranberries
  • Several tealight candles
  • Natural elements as desired

a white plate with cranberries and greenery

How to make a cranberry candle centerpiece

  • Put the cranberries in the glass bowl.
  • Nestle as many tealight candles in the bowl as can fit without touching.
  • Place the centerpiece on the table and light the candles.
  • Do not leave it unattended.

When you’re done using this centerpiece, you can toss the cranberries out for the birds to enjoy. Or, you can make some cranberry stovetop potpourri!

Can I use big candles?

If you would rather put one large candle right in the center of this centerpiece rather than the two tealights, you can. Just make a small well in the middle of the dish for the candle. Make sure that it sits firmly so it doesn’t tip.

Easy cranberry candle centerpiece

If you’d like to use luxury candles like rolled beeswax in your cranberry candle centerpiece, you can use the same method. Just be sure that the candle is securely in the holder.

You might want to dip a bit of melted wax on the bottom of the dish and then place the candle on it. That will help it stand more securely.

More cool candles

If you’re looking for Mason jar candle ideas, keep reading! This easy DIY candle uses Ylang Ylang scent and is perfect for a gift idea. Or, you can keep them all to yourself and enjoy the exotic fragrance!

Check out this easy DIY soy candle tutorial! Now that summer is on the way out, you might be just a little bit overwhelmed with fresh herbs from your garden.

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  1. So easy and so inexpensive - but how beautiful!  I like the natiral elements to add too - maybe a pine cone or a holly sprig.  Just elegant and perfect!
  2. How easy is this and I even have all the supplies on hand. I never thought to use cranberries with tea candles. I couldn't resist placing some mini lights around this too. It would look stunning at night.

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