Get Back on Track for Healthy Living for your Family

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It’s 2018, and it’s time to get serious about healthy living for your family. The holidays are over and the Christmas cookies are gone. It’s time to get back into your routine and renew your focus on healthy living. I know I always get a bit off track with the holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas just come so close together that it’s hard to stay focused on making good choices. This post is sponsored by

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Get Back on Track for Healthy Living for your Family in 2018

Healthy Living for your Family

With the arrival of the new year, I take time to evaluate some of the decisions I made over the past year. I see the areas I’ve had good success with as well as the ones I seemed to lose sight of. It gives me time to reevaluate my goals and see if they are the same as last year. I’ve also become aware of a few areas of my health that I haven’t paid as much attention to as I should have. Here are just a few things that I will be focusing on for the new year.

Get Back on Track for Healthy Living for your Family


Stress Relief

I still really struggle with stress and stress management. Of all of the issues I’m working on, stress and anxiety are two of the largest. Right now, I’m enjoying stress relief with a shower massage thanks to the Waterpik: PowerPulse Massage Shower Head. It’s handheld and offers up to 2X the massage force of other shower heads and maximizes water flow and produces more spray force. I just use one of my favorite body scrubs with essential oils and work on clearing my mind at the end of a long day. This shower head was super easy to install and really does work well. You might want to invest in an essential oil book to learn more about how to use oils for wellness.

Healthy living for busy families

Weight Control

Have I mentioned the whole menopause thing and how much I am not enjoying it? Unfortunately, one of the things that comes along with menopause is an extra 5 or 10 pounds that I cannot get rid of. I know that I’ve slacked off a bit on the exercise so I plan on walking every day to stay active. The Casio G-SHOCK S Series Step Tracker has an automatic step counter display, 200M water resistance, and shock resistance. That means it will stand up to anything I need it to. It’s definitely helping me keep track of how much I move each day! Plus, exercise is great for stress relief!

Get Back on Track for Healthy Living for your Family in 2018

Oral Care

Oral care is one of those things that you may not give a lot of thought to until you have a problem. I recently broke a tooth, and after a trip to the dentist, I realized that I need to make oral care more of a priority than I have been. Primal Life Organics: All Natural Peppermint Toothpowder is an all-natural, best-selling Toothpowder is filled with natural nutrients to help remineralize, detoxify, whiten, and strengthen teeth.

Plus, their Charcoal Infused toothbrush binds to and removes stains. I love that there is an all-natural alternative that safe for my teeth. I’ve already started using this and hope to see an improvement soon. Special reader discount: PLOBOXX217 for 20% off purchase.

Get Back on Track for Healthy Living for your Family in 2018

Skin Care

Skin care is always important, but as you get older, aging can make your skin look dull, tired and less toned. These factors can all lead to fine lines and wrinkles. And, I don’t know about you, but I hope to avoid these as much as possible. CW Hemp: Hemp infused oil, cream, and balm contain beneficial botanicals to help support skin health. Plus, they are non-GMO, preservative free, gluten free, cruelty-free and made in the USA. The Hemp Infused Oil is a liquid supplement that I have been taking in a glass of water. The Hemp Infused Cream I’ve been using on my hands throughout the day and the Hemp Infused Balm, I have been using on my knees and elbows at bedtime. I’ve never used products with hemp extract before but they leave my skin feeling so soft!

Get Back on Track for Healthy Living for your Family in 2018

Memory Support

I’ve been reading a lot about memory support lately as I get older. Mild forgetfulness as you age is common. And, while it’s nothing to be concerned about, it can definitely be annoying. The Synergy Company: Organic Matcha Powder is linked to cell protection, healthy heart function, healthy
cholesterol and blood sugar balance, memory support, and healthy weight management. It is the rarest, but the most beneficial form of Japanese green tea. I’ve never tried Matcha Powder before but have wondered about it. This is an easy way to take it and I plan on continuing it to see the benefits.

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