Healthy Dorm Cooking Hacks for Back To College

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One of the challenges of healthy dorm cooking is the limited number of ways you can cook in a dorm room. You don’t have a full-size refrigerator or a full-size stove in your dorm room so many people don’t even think that healthy dorm cooking is possible. Most of the time, college kids purchase meals from the cafeteria. However, if it’s the end of the month and you’ve used up your meal plan, you may need to do a little bit of healthy dorm cooking on your own.

Healthy Dorm Cooking Hacks for Back To College

Healthy Dorm Cooking

If you’re interested in healthy dorm cooking, you have a number of different options depending on whether you want to learn to cook or not. If you enjoy cooking or want to be able to make your own meals, it’s not at all difficult to make healthy microwave recipes in a dorm.  Here are a few cheap healthy college meals you can make in a microwave or without cooking.

When you’re shopping for groceries for your dorm, it’s best to buy in smaller quantities so that food doesn’t go to waste.  It makes more sense to purchase two or three pieces of fresh fruit rather than a whole bag.  You can purchase half a dozen eggs rather than a full dozen.  Since you probably don’t have a freezer available to you, look for canned tuna or chicken if you want to add meat to your menu that week.

Healthy Dorm Cooking Hacks for Back To College

Here are my “must haves” for healthy dorm cooking:

Keurig Coffee Maker

Not only does it make coffee, which is a basic necessity in my book, you can also use it to make oatmeal.  Purchase quick cooking oats and add them to your thermos.  Then add the appropriate amount of hot water from your Keurig, cap the thermos and go take a shower.  When you’re back, uncap the thermos and empty the oatmeal into a bowl. You can add honey and a handful of raisins or freeze-dried berries and you are set for breakfast.

Healthy Dorm Cooking Hacks for Back To College

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

I have this sandwich maker and it’s amazing. You can use it for so much more than eggs. Start with an English muffin or biscuit, add a slice of fresh mozzarella and a slice of tomato and you have a healthy lunch.  Add microwaved egg and bacon if you want a heartier meal. Add a piece of fruit or some popcorn for a snack too! Check out my favorite breakfast sandwich recipe.

Healthy Dorm Cooking Hacks for Back To College

20 oz Lunch Crock Food Warmer

Can you say soup and chili? They are perfect in a lunch crock food warmer! There is nothing better on a cold day than a hot cup of soup. There are so many different canned soups that you’ll never run out of ideas. You can even do chili from a can the same way. Look for healthy choices that are low in fat and low in sodium. Split pea is one of my favorites.

Healthy Dorm Cooking Hacks for Back To College

Single Serve Blender

Smoothies make an amazing breakfast.  Just add Greek yogurt, a banana and whatever fresh fruit you have on hand to your blender. Choose a personal blender where the blender top doubles as the cup and it will be easy to make before class.

Dorm Room Cookbook

If you want to try a few more recipes, it would be a good idea to pick up a dorm room cookbook. The 5-Ingredient College Cookbook and Cooking Through College are both fantastic choices to start with.

See, healthy dorm cooking isn’t as difficult as you thought.  Do you have any other healthy dorm cooking hacks that work for you?

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  1. I ate so horribly while living in the dorms! I thought cold cereal was my only healthy option @ grew tired of it quickly. These are great ways to still eat healthy without spending a ton of money.
  2. I remember when I was in my dorm, the food was not that healthy... I remember eating a lot of ramen... ugh I am sure that was not good at all. 
  3. Brittany C. @ Mom. Wife. Busy Life. says
    A Keurig is a must! I wish they had those back when I was in college!!! 
  4. Great products!! I would love the sandwich maker because it could be used for so much more! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack! Its endless!
  5. Living in the dorms was tough as far as making food was concerned.  I was so excited the year I lived in a building that actually had a kitchen with a stove.  I think that is really rare though!
  6. Wow we had healthy food in the dorms and were not allowed to cook. I went to Ohio State and lived in the Twin Towers overlooking the stadium on the 17th floor. Lots of exercise to burn off the calories but we had great food. The little crock pot is cute though!
  7. I had a Keurig coffee maker when I loved in the dorms not long ago. It was really one of the only coffee makers they would let you have in the dorms I stayed in. I LOVED it. I never knew you could make oatmeal with them though! That's interesting.

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