Haunted Places in Castleton Vermont

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Looking for haunted places in Vermont? Check out these haunted houses and abandoned places located in Castleton Vermont.

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Haunted Places in Castleton Vermont

Because my daughter goes to Castleton University (previously Castleton State College), I was interested in learning that there were several places in the college that were supposedly haunted.

Haunted places in Castleton Vermont - Ellis Hall

Ellis Hall –

Ellis Hall is one of the dormitories on campus and it’s said that on the second floor, the bathroom toilets flush randomly and the shower and faucets can be heard running when no one is in there. Supposedly a girl killed herself there years ago and she still haunts Ellis Hall.

Haunted places in Castleton Vermont - Old Chapel

The Old Chapel –

The Old Chapel is located on Seminary Street in Castleton on the college campus. The building was moved from its original site on Main Street (where the library is now) many years ago. The Old Chapel used to be Castleton Medical School and was built originally in 1821.

It is the oldest building on campus and is reportedly haunted. According to legend, the Old Chapel housed the dissecting room of the Castleton Medical School where the dissections took place.

Because body donations were rare back then, students sometimes resorted to digging up bodies from the local cemetery.  According to the Rutland Herald (newspaper), in 1830 students were caught with the corpse that was identified as belonging to the wife of a trustee who recently died.

The students had tried to make the corpse unidentifiable by removing her head. It’s said she still haunts the Old Chapel in search of her head.

Haunted places in Castleton Vermont - D&H Railway Trail

D & H Rail Trail –

The D & H Rail Trail is a walking trail that was previously the railway line for the Delaware & Hudson Railway that was opened in 1872. Supposedly a black figure has been seen on the area of the trail that runs behind the Spartan Stadium.

Now, I’ve walked the Rail Trail many times since it’s now a walking trail. I have never seen anything odd there. It does get a bit creepy feeling when it gets close to dark since it’s so heavily wooded though.

There is also an area further down the trail where it branches off near the quarry that people say is haunted.  Evidently, a young woman was murdered there in the 1800s and throw onto the train tracks.

Haunted places in Castleton Vermont - Wooldridge House

The Old Wooldridge House –

A few hundred yards away from the Fine Art Center is an old art building that has been reported to be haunted. Stories claim that the building houses old art pieces but that there is no way to get in the building and the art pieces always appear to be tossed around.

Haunted places in Castleton Vermont

Since my daughter is a Theater Arts major at the college, I asked her about the building. It houses art studios for the students at the college. You can get in and out of the building although the door is often locked.

Many people have reported seeing and hearing strange things in the building though so who knows what the true story is.

The next time you’re in Castleton, Vermont, you should visit these haunted places. Or, why not take a walk through the Hathaway Farm Corn Maze?

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