Hathaway Farm Corn Maze Vermont

I have always wanted to get lost in a corn maze but until this year, I had never been. Now that the kids are older, they’re off with their friends. Marty cannot manage all the walking involved in wandering through the corn maze. I decided that there was no reason I couldn’t enjoy the Hathaway Farm Corn Maze on my own this year.

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Hathaway Farm Corn Maze Rutland Vermont

Hathaway Farm Corn Maze

The Hathaway Farm Corn Maze is located on 741 Prospect Hill Rd in Rutland Vermont on a real working farm. If you’re heading over there with kids, there is a mini maze, livestock barn, wagon rides, and pumpkin picking that they can enjoy.

The Hathaway Farm Corn Maze is the largest one in Vermont. It’s located on 12 acres. There are clues, several bridges, and a grassy knoll with chairs that you can check out the amazing views from.  Each year, the Hathaway Farm Corn Maze has a theme. This year it was Under the Sea.

Hathaway Farm Corn Maze Rutland Vermont

Now, you might think that the theme is just for the kids, but you’d be wrong. As you wander through the maze, there are multiple choice clues. Your answer (A, B, C) will point you in the correct direction to find your way out of the maze. The questions are based on the theme so this year there were questions about electric eels, whales, and all sorts of sea creatures. If you’d rather, you can use your smartphone and scan the codes in different areas for clues or you can use your GPS. I stuck with the multiple choice questions and had a great time.

Hathaway Farm Corn Maze Rutland Vermont

Another fun feature of the Hathaway Farm Corn Maze is their Punch Points. As you walk through the maze, there are hole punches. Each hole punch has a different shape. If you find all of the hole punches, you are entered to win prizes. I believe there were 7 or 8 hole punches, but I only found 3 of them while I was there.

Hathaway Farm Corn Maze Rutland Vermont

I think I spent about an hour and a half wandering through the corn maze. Because this is Vermont, there are plenty of hills to climb up and down while you’re looking for a way out.  Vermont farmland is not flat. I got a workout while I was there and had lots of fun trying to find my way out. I’m sure I walked around the same area over and over again, but eventually I found the “real exit” and got out. If you can’t seem to find the real exit, there is an early exit you can use to exit the maze quickly.

If you’ll be in the Rutland Vermont area from July to October, I definitely recommend that you visit.

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Hathaway Farm Corn Maze Rutland Vermont


  1. This looks like so much fun. The boys would absolutely LOVE the Under The Sea Theme too!
  2. What a cute idea! I can't believe how brown your corn is right now up north - ours is still so green!
  3. I used to do that as a teen but haven't got lost in years- this year I'm going all out. I'm grabbing friends and going to a maze of course I'll have to go with the little ones to a smaller maze but it's a must do!

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