Halloween Mason Jar Candy Jar

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Check out this easy Halloween Mason Jar Candy Jar Witch I made from a Mason Jar. We always keep a candy bowl or jar in the house to offer guests and to nibble on throughout the day. What’s in the candy jar varies depending on what season and holiday is around the corner. Now that we’re into October, I really wanted something special to hold our Halloween Candy.

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Halloween Candy Jar Witch from a Mason Jar to Hold M&Ms


Halloween Candy Jar Witch

I’d been hearing a lot about the new M&M’s Candy Corn White Chocolate but unfortunately, after repeated trips to Walmart, I wasn’t able to find any. We went with my husband’s favorite Peanut M&M’s in the Halloween-designed bag. Now that I had the candy, I wanted a cute Halloween Candy Jar to hold it.

We use Mason jars for a lot of things from drinking to storage and crafts. There are a lot of easy Mason Jar ideas if you have a few boxes of them at your house.

I found a really adorable (or maybe it should be scary) witch candy jar pattern so I decided to go with that. Since my Walmart doesn’t carry craft products, I had to head to two different craft stores to get everything I needed.

Halloween Candy Jar Witch from a Mason Jar to Hold M&Ms

Supplies Needed

1 pattern for Witch Candy Jar from My Darlin Dolls
1-quart size mason jar with lid and rim
1/4 yard tea dyed muslin
paint brush
1 bottle of antique gold paint
embroidery thread (rust, black, ecru)
1 spool black button thread
2 wood stars
two 4mm black beads for eyes
1 skein green bouche yarn for hair
1/2 yard black felt
1 bottle tacky glue
1/8 yard Wonder Under
black pen
1/8 yard black Halloween calico
1/8 yard orange Halloween calico
1/2 yard orange 1 1/2″ wired ribbon
1 bag polyester stuffing
2 bags of M&M’s Candy Corn White Chocolate Candy
wrapper from one bag of M&M’s

How to make a Halloween Mason Jar Candy Jar

1. Glue the jar lid to the jar rim. Let dry. Cut out the jar lid circle from black felt. Using 2 strands of rust floss, run a running stitch around the outer edge. Glue it to the top of the canning jar lid. Let dry. Run a gathering stitch around the jar rim about 1/2″ from the glued part. Pull tight to gather. Let dry.

2.  Trace witch head on doubled tea dyed muslin.  Cut 1/4″ larger than the traced lines.  With right sides together, stitch the head, leaving the bottom open. Turn right side out. Stuff the head tight and close the bottom with a gathering stitch. Pull tight and tie off. For the eyes, starting at the back of the head, run the black thread to the front and then back to make indentations. Thread on the 4mm bead and run to the back and tie off for each eye.


3.  With right sides together, cute the nose on fold from the tea dyed muslin. Sew on the stitch line & turn right side out. Stuff the nose tight. Turn open edge under. Run a gather stitch.  Pull tight and tie. Sew to the witch’s face.  Using blush, blush the cheeks and top of the nose.  Draw on the mouth and the eyebrows.

4.  Using hot glue, attach the head to the jar lid.  Hold in place to set. Cut a strip of black Halloween calico and tie around the neck in front.  Cut a smaller strip of the orange Halloween calico and tie a knot.  Hot glue to the front.  Trim the edges. Set aside

5.   Trace hat top on the doubled black felt. Cut 1/4″ larger than traced lines.  Stitch leaving the bottom open. Turn right side out. Cut hat brim from black felt. Starting at the center back, run a gathering stitch all the way around. Pull gently & tie.  Sew the top to the brim.
6.  Wrap the green bouche yarn around your fingers ten times. Make enough to cover the head of your witch. I needed 3. Glue it to the head to cover it using hot glue.  Cut small patches from contrasting Halloween calico.   Using Wonder Under attach the patches to the hat. Stitch around the patches.  Glue hat to your witch’s head.

7.  Paint two wooden stars with antique gold paint. Let them dry & draw dashed lines around the edges with black marker.  Cut out two M&M’s from the front of an M&M’s bag. Glue to the stars. Attach the stars to the top of the witch’s hat & her bow with hot glue.

8.  Tie a bow out of the orange ribbon and attach it to the hat brim.  You can add a button to the front if you want as well. Fill the jar with your favorite M&M’s. I’d love to try the M&M’s Candy Corn White Chocolate but the Halloween colors work too!

Carefully screw the lid onto the candy jar and you are set.  Happy Halloween! Now print your coupon and grab your own bag of M&M’s Candy Corn White Chocolate candies!

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  1. This is a super cute craft! My stores have also been sold out of the M&Ms Candy Corn. There were 2 bags left the other day so I was sure to grab them both.

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