9 Easy Mason Jar Ideas to Use Your Extra Jars

Last Updated on December 26, 2023 by Ellen Christian

Are you wondering what to do with extra mason jars? Check out these creative craft ideas to use up your leftover glass canning jars.

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9 easy Mason jar ideas

9 Easy Mason Jar Ideas

Years ago, we had a HUGE vegetable garden and I canned all of our vegetables, jams, relishes and pickles. Times changed and I had less time to devote to gardening and started to develop problems with my back and shoulder. That meant that I was left with a stockpile of Mason jars that weren’t being used.

While I gave some away on Freecycle, I still wanted some Mason jar ideas to use some of the jars I held onto.  I do occasionally still make jam and pickles. I just don’t do it quite as often or in the quantity I did in the past. Here are some Mason jar ideas that I’ve done.

This raspberry jam with pectin is the easiest berry jam recipe ever. Try this homemade raspberry jam recipe on toast, muffins, or as a tart filling.

Jams and jellies

You can easily do small batch jams and jellies without spending hours and hours slaving away in the kitchen. I love my Banana Jam and my Strawberry Marmalade.

person eating sauerkraut

Make sauerkraut

You need a very large Mason jar to try this one but homemade sauerkraut is definitely worth it!

Mason jar craft ideas

Mini planter

I wrapped a small Mason jar in jute twine to create a mini planter for a succulent.

DIY Glass Cloche Crafts | Upcycled Jar Crafts

Glass cloche

The word cloche is French for bell. You can use a Mason jar as the top portion of a cloche to create a still life art project. I created one with butterflies.

How to make your own sprouting jar

Sprout beans or seeds

I love making my own bean sprouts so I created an easy DIY bean sprouting jar from a Mason jar.

 9 easy Mason jar ideasGlassware

We drink out of our Mason jars all the time. They work perfectly for things like my Rhubarb Iced Tea.

What is Kefir and How Do I Make It? {Step by Step}

Make kefir

Kefir is a wonderfully delicious dairy based probiotic drink. You can make your own kefir in a Mason jar.

How to make furniture polish


Of course you can use your Mason jars to store any number of things or to hold homemade cleaners like my DIY furniture polish.

Salt Scrub

Make a pampering salt scrub or sugar scrub and use the Mason jar to hold the DIY beauty product.

What do you do with all of your extra Mason jars? Here are some more things to do with Mason jars.

28 thoughts on “9 Easy Mason Jar Ideas to Use Your Extra Jars”

  1. I would add a practical mason jar gift. This is a wonderful, home made gift idea for the Holiday season! Simply use a Holiday print fabric for the cover and cinnamon or pine scented potpourri.
  2. I love mason jars, and i have to admit i do have quite a lot of them. They are so useful though. Going to have to try the bean sprouts with these though, have yet to try that.
  3. What great ideas to use un-used mason jars. These would be great to drink tea and lemonade from during Summer.
  4. These are all great ideas for making use of a mason jar. My favorite idea is the Glass cloche, I love the one you made with butterflies. Thank you for sharing these great ideas.
  5. I won two cases of these green mason jars and they are just sitting there, and i keep wondering what to do with them. I am going to drink out of some of them and make jam. Strawberries are in season and these jars would be great to use for my jam.
  6. I have wrapped wire around the top, making a big loop in order to be able to hang. I put sea glass and a tea light in it. Voila!!
  7. I used to have a ton of jars. The other day I needed one though, and I couldn't find one. Good ideas to use them up when I get more again. 
  8. Great list of ideas.  I want to make saurkraut this summer.  I have made kimchee in mason jars, but saurkraut is more intimidating.
  9. These are all great ideas!! I store cupcake liners in my larger ones and use the others for seasonings we make with the Parmesan cheese container lids.
  10. I've actually done 6 of the 9! That's pretty cool. I love Mason jar projects. We can and bottle our own food from our garden, so we always have jars! :)

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