9 Easy Mason Jar Ideas

Years ago, we had a HUGE vegetable garden and I canned all of our vegetables, jams, relishes and pickles. Times changed and I had less time to devote to gardening and started to develop problems with my back and shoulder. That meant that I was left with a stockpile of Mason jars that weren’t being used.

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9 easy Mason jar ideas

9 Easy Mason Jar Ideas

While I gave some away on Freecycle, I still wanted some Mason jar ideas to use some of the jars I held onto.  I do occasionally still make jam and pickles. I just don’t do it quite as often or in the quantity I did in the past. Here are some Mason jar ideas that I’ve done:

  1. Jams and jellies – You can easily do small batch jams and jellies without spending hours and hours slaving away in the kitchen. I love my Banana Jam and my Strawberry Marmalade.
  2. Make sauerkraut – You need a very large Mason jar to try this one but homemade sauerkraut is definitely worth it!
  3. Mini planter – I wrapped a small Mason jar in jute twine to create a mini planter for a succulent.
  4. Glass cloche – The word cloche is French for bell. You can use a Mason jar as the top portion of a cloche to create a still life art project. I created one with butterflies.
  5. Sprout beans or seeds – I love making my own bean sprouts so I created an easy DIY bean sprouting jar from a Mason jar.
  6. Glassware – We drink out of our Mason jars all the time. They work perfectly for things like my Rhubarb Iced Tea.
  7. Make kefir– Kefir is a wonderfully delicious dairy based probiotic drink. You can make your own kefir in a Mason jar.
  8. Storage – Of course you can use your Mason jars to store any number of things or to hold homemade cleaners like my DIY furniture polish.
  9. Salt Scrub – Make a pampering salt scrub or sugar scrub and use the Mason jar to hold the DIY beauty product.

What do you do with all of your extra Mason jars?

9 easy Mason jar ideas

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  1. I've actually done 6 of the 9! That's pretty cool. I love Mason jar projects. We can and bottle our own food from our garden, so we always have jars! :)
  2. These are all great ideas!! I store cupcake liners in my larger ones and use the others for seasonings we make with the Parmesan cheese container lids.
  3. I use them in the bathroom to store makeup pads, q=tips and etc. As well as decor for living room. 
  4. Great list of ideas.  I want to make saurkraut this summer.  I have made kimchee in mason jars, but saurkraut is more intimidating.
  5. I used to have a ton of jars. The other day I needed one though, and I couldn't find one. Good ideas to use them up when I get more again. 
  6. Janet W. says:
    Great ideas for these jars! I'd like to try to make a sugar scrub to store in it.
  7. Alison Gibb says:
    I have wrapped wire around the top, making a big loop in order to be able to hang. I put sea glass and a tea light in it. Voila!!
  8. Karen Glatt says:
    I won two cases of these green mason jars and they are just sitting there, and i keep wondering what to do with them. I am going to drink out of some of them and make jam. Strawberries are in season and these jars would be great to use for my jam.
  9. Great ideas! I have may Mason jars in my kitchen
  10. These are all great ideas for making use of a mason jar. My favorite idea is the Glass cloche, I love the one you made with butterflies. Thank you for sharing these great ideas.
  11. shelly peterson says:
    What great ideas to use un-used mason jars. These would be great to drink tea and lemonade from during Summer.
  12. Nicole Dziedzic says:
    I love mason jars, and i have to admit i do have quite a lot of them. They are so useful though. Going to have to try the bean sprouts with these though, have yet to try that.
  13. Lisa Brown says:
    Make sauerkraut is an ideal way to use the jars.
  14. I would add a practical mason jar gift. This is a wonderful, home made gift idea for the Holiday season! Simply use a Holiday print fabric for the cover and cinnamon or pine scented potpourri.

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