Follow These Home Security Tips Before You Leave on Vacation

Last Updated on September 5, 2020 by Ellen Christian

Home security tips aren’t something I thought I would need a lot of in rural Vermont.  After all, we know our neighbors.  We live in a small town and are far away from big cities.  I have always thought that crime wasn’t really something that we needed to worry about.  Sadly, we are seeing an increase in home break-ins in my area.  

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Home Security Tips Before You Leave on Vacation

Home Security Tips

Some of the increase in crime is criminals coming from our closest big city looking for things to steal and sell.  Some of it is college kids looking for empty homes to break into and hold a party.  Either way, it doesn’t leave me feeling as safe, and I’ve started to check out some home security tips that we can implement before we travel next time. I wanted to share a few security ideas for your home.

Landscape Lighting

Invest in outdoor landscape lighting.  The more light you have around your door and windows, the less likely a thief is going to try to break into your home. Outdoor landscape lighting can brighten up your walkway, garden, door and other areas. Solar lights are an affordable option if the area gets a fair amount of sunlight.

Home Security Tips Before You Leave on Vacation

Lock the Doors

Lock the doors. I know this is fairly obvious but I often forget to lock mine.  Thankfully my husband always checks them and makes sure they are locked.  I’ve also started locking the doors during the day which is something I never did before. You never know when someone will break in. There are a number of smart household security systems that will allow you to monitor your doors and windows.

Lock the Windows

Lock ground floor windows. It takes only a second to slide a ground floor window open and slip inside.  There are special bars you can purchase that will allow you to leave the window open for fresh air in the hot weather but prevent the window from opening more than an inch or two. Be sure to put away any yard decorations or pool furniture that might be stolen.

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Stop Sharing

Don’t publicize your vacation plans. I know it’s tempting to talk all about your vacation plans on Facebook but don’t. The fewer people that know when your house will be empty, the better.

Hidden Keys

Don’t hide your key in an obvious place. Top places to hide keys are under a flower pot, under the door mat or in one of those fake looking plastic rocks. If I know that, so do the thieves.

Home Security Tips Before You Leave on Vacation

Trim Back Bushes

Cut back bushes and trees around your home.  Bushes and trees that are up close to your home provide great cover for someone who is trying to break in.  Cut them back, leave the area open, or plant flowers instead.

You can improve your home security using these simple home security tips.  Don’t wait until it’s too late and you are the victim of a crime.  Focussing on preparedness is one thing we can do to be ready for emergencies.  Most of these tips don’t cost any money at all and can be taken care of in a few minutes.  If you can afford it, it cannot hurt to install a simple security system.  If not, at least you can get started with these home security tips.

What are your top 10 home security tips?

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7 thoughts on “Follow These Home Security Tips Before You Leave on Vacation”

  1. We have some cool patio lights that are on a timer, and we always lock up.  We live in a nice neighborhood, but freaky things have happened even here, unfortunately.  Another tip is to have your neighbor check your mail and just keep an eye on things while you are gone.   I always remember a saying I heard- Trust in God but LOCK your doors!
  2. When we first moved, we were told that most people around here don't lock their front doors or their car doors. I don't know that I could get out of the door-locking habit.
  3. I think we follow all of these home security tips. You wouldn't believe how many people that I know that leave their doors unlocked. Crazy. Dawn
  4. Great tips, I think we all need to be aware that burglaries can happen to anyone at anytime.  Good thoughts about trimming the bushes.  I hate ours anyway and now this is an even better excuse to get rid of them.  :)

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