How to Decoupage a Glass Jar for an Easy Upcycled Craft

Are you wondering how to decoupage a glass jar? I have a thing for interesting looking glass jars.  Some I find at thrift stores and tag sales and some I find at the grocery store when I’m shopping.  I don’t generally do anything with the glass jars.  I have them stored in a cupboard which sort of defeats the purpose of collecting them.  If you’re going to collect glass jars, you might as well display them or use them somehow.  While I use Mason jars for storage, the glass jars I find aren’t usually very good for storage purposes.  The mouth on the jars is generally too small to make that possible.

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How to decoupage a glass jar

How to Decoupage a Glass Jar

Since I enjoy decoupaging boxes, I decided that I would learn how to decoupage on glass so I could display them. Please note that this will show you how to decoupage a glass jar that will be for display purposes. If you plan on using them for something where there is a chance it will get wet or need to be washed out – like for a vase – you will need to seal the jar with a special sealant to protect your design. You can use the same process to decoupage Mason Jars just avoid the raised area where there is writing or measurement marks.

How to decoupage a glass jar


  • Interesting glass jar
  • Cutouts from magazines, greeting cards, etc. that will fit your jar. These die-cut cards have lots of gorgeous spring images.
  • Paintbrush
  • Modge Podge Gloss


  • Thoroughly wash your glass jar inside and out.  Remove any labels and any residue from the label that is left on your jar.
  • Let your glass jar dry completely.
  • Carefully position the cut out on your jar and brush a small amount of Modge Podge Gloss behind where you want it to be. This will help hold the cut out onto the jar.

How to decoupage a glass jar

  • Once your cut out is in the correct space, brush over the cutout and the rest of the bottle. You can use more than one cut out if you want to create a scene or to cover the whole bottle.
  • Let it dry completely.
  • You can wipe the bottle down with a barely damp cloth to clean it but do not submerge in water or use a wet cloth to clean it.

How to decoupage a glass jar

Do you enjoy collecting interesting glass jars? Have you ever tried to decoupage one? If you’d like to try to decoupage glass jars with tissue paper, you can use the same technique I used to decoupage Easter eggs. Or check out these Christmas decoupage ideas.

One of the common questions I hear about decoupage is how do you avoid the bubbles when you’re applying your design. Check out this handy video for a solution.

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  1. Love it Ellen!! What a great way to make the empty jar look like a piece of art!! I love those kind of jars, too and am always looking for some at yard sales, etc.  Beautiful!! Pinned & Tweeted!
  2. Awesome, I wanted to try decoupaging a glass candle holder last week and this week and haven't gotten around to it, I love the simplicity of this project, looks fab.
  3. That looks great! Perfect way to add some color to a jar. Your jar would look awesome on a book shelf! 
  4. I have a container of modpodge in my craft closet right now! Useful stuff!
  5. Very cool way to make  a bottle to look cool. Looks easy to do
  6. such a pretty glass jar! Nice idea for gift giving, showers, and parties.
  7. I love that jar, very unique and I love me some mod podge!  Great gift idea!
  8. This is what I always want to do, not sure it is not that difficult. Thanks


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