Spring Decorating Tips – Glass Etching

Last Updated on March 29, 2021 by Ellen Christian

Spring decorating tips couldn’t come sooner for me.  By this time of the year, I am quite tired of all of the snow and cold weather here in Vermont.  I long for flowers, butterflies, green grass and warm breezes through open windows.  Unfortunately, we have several more months of snow and cold weather before I can really enjoy spring.  Thankfully, these spring decorating tips will allow me to bring a little bit of spring into my home now thanks to the Martha Stewart glass painting program.

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Spring decorating tips

Spring Decorating Tips

  • Enjoy fresh cut flowers now. If it were spring, I’d pick them myself. Since it’s winter, I’ll buy them at the florist.
  • Update your accessories with spring colors. Get rid of those dark pillows, table runners and throw blankets.  Add in some bright spring colors.
  • The scents of spring.  Light a few candles in lilac, rose, or peach scents. Then close your eyes and pretend.
  • Add photographs.  Create a collage or grouping of your favorite spring and summer photos. Maybe the kids in their Easter dresses or that trip to the beach.
  • Upcycle existing decor. You don’t need to go out and buy all new items for spring.  Add some spring to items you already have like I did below.

Glass Etching

Spring Decorating Tips


  • Martha Stewart Crafts glass etching kit.  The one I chose had butterflies, flowers, and birds as design elements.
  • Paper towels
  • Wash the surface you plan on etching in warm soapy water and let it dry completely.  Glass etching works well on glazed ceramic, mirrors or any type of glass from flower vases to drinking glasses.
  • Wipe the surface with rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining residue.
  • Carefully consider your design before you tape on the stencil.  Mark their placement with a wax pencil.
Spring Decorating Tips Glass Etching
  • Place the adhesive stencil on the surface and smooth it firmly.  Do not leave gaps or bubbles. Secure the edges with craft tape.  Masking tape will work in a pinch.
Spring Decorating Tips Glass Etching
  • Wearing gloves, apply a thick layer of etching cream over the design area.  Brush the cream in two directions to avoid brush strokes on the final project.
  • Let the etching cream sit on the surface for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse the piece off under running water to remove the cream.  Carefully remove the stencil and any craft tape. Make sure you wear gloves.
  • Rinse stencils and brushes under warm running water as soon as you are done etching.

Spring Decorating Tips Glass Etching

Spring Decorating Tips Glass Etching

Have you ever tried glass etching or used Martha Stewart Crafts products?

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19 thoughts on “Spring Decorating Tips – Glass Etching”

  1. Super craft! I haven't used the Martha Stewart range of products, but at Gonis we have something that looks the same and can be permanent but doesn't have to be :) Thanks for sharing on Tutorial Thursdays. x Natalie www.marigoldsloft.blogspot.com
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  3. Ellen, this is really beautiful, and you make it look so easy. I'd love to try this. Love your decorating tips too. Just this week, I found pillow covers on sale at Hobby Lobby in spring colors, so I kinda brightened up our living room just a bit. Now if the kids can just keep from getting stains on them. LOL Thanks so much for linking up to Inspire Me Wednesday. Definitely featuring this in next week's issue.:)
  4. I'd like to try this too. As you well know, our flowers outdoors are buried under feet of snow. I've found some beautiful flowers though at the floral shop in Hannaford's and Shaw's!
  5. I had no idea there were kits for this. I love decorative bottles and I have a few around that could use some stencils. It sounds pretty easy. Thanks!
  6. I have done that when I was in middle school and the art teacher made it a big project. It just brings back my good old memories. Nice to know that there is a kit that can be purchased to make it so easy and nice.
  7. What a clever, cute project! I had no idea it was as simple as buying a kit. Now I'm looking around the house trying to decide what I should etch first. I'd love if you'd come join my How To Tuesday link party, too. http://housewifehowtos.com/link-party-2/how-to-tuesday-link-party-9/
  8. Beautiful - I've always been scared to try this stuff, but I need to just go buy some cheap thing from a thrift store and get myself used to it.  Beautiful job Ellen!! Pinned & Tweeted!

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