Fitting exercise into your day

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Exercise is extremely important to weight loss and weight maintenance. I’d like to say that I do some sort of exercise every day but to be honest I don’t. I enjoy exercise DVD’s and try to find them in a couple times a week but I don’t always have time to do one especially on days I work outside the home.

Here are a few suggestions that work well for me:

1. Park far away from the entrance when you’re shopping. That way you have to walk further than normal to the door. I do this a lot unless it’s pouring outside.

2. Walk up the stairs instead of taking an elevator or escalator. This is a great way to burn calories. I run up and down the stars a number of times a day and you can really feel it in your calves when you’re not used to it.

3. Invest in a pair of exercise/workout type shoes like Shape Ups or Reetones. I love my Shape Ups and they really do help tone your muscles.

Now if you’re one of those people who really loves running with a jogging stroller, then more power to you. If you’re like me and the thought of a baby jogging stroller fills you with less than pleasant thoughts, try to fit exercise into your day as best you can!

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  1. I already use stairs when I can, but I hadn't thought of parking father, which seems like such common sense!

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