Choosing the Right Food for your Pet

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Choosing the right food for your pet isn’t a matter of picking what’s the cheapest at the grocery store. Just like the cheapest food at the grocery store isn’t generally the healthiest for my family, the cheapest pet food at the grocery store isn’t generally the healthiest for your pet. The best thing we as pet parents can do for our pets is to feed them proper nutrition every day. Since our pets can’t go shopping, they depend on us to make the best decisions about what goes into their bowls. This post has been sponsored but the opinions and information are all my own.

Choosing the right food for your pet


Choosing the Right Food for your Pet

So, how do you decide which food to feed your pets? A great place to start is by speaking to your veterinarian. Your veterinarian can help you determine your pet’s special needs based on their age and their health. Many pets have special needs that can be managed through their diets. Different foods have different nutrients in them and those nutrients can be tailored to your pet’s individual needs.

Another thing you should take into consideration is your pet’s life stage.  A kitten doesn’t have the same dietary needs as a twelve year old cat. The right food can help prevent diseases and health conditions. Scout is about five years old now and has to lose a few pounds. He’s on a food that helps him lose weight. Colors is twelve years old and needs a different food that is tailored for a senior kitty.  Heather has a very sensitive stomach and is prone to hair balls. She has different needs so that she stays healthy.

Choosing the right food for your pet

We believe that healthy pets are happy pets and we try to make sure that our cats have an interesting and healthy environment to live and play in. We have boxes for them to jump in and hide.  We offer toys for them to play with. We try to encourage them to play and be active and we make sure that they get a healthy cat food.

Choosing the right food for your pet

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  1. My cat is getting older, and I am now looking into a more mature food for him. I am glad that there are so many options out there.
  2. Beautiful cats! I don't know much about cats, but we have had to change our dogs' food as they have gotten older. It is interesting how it changes. 
  3. Good to know! We don't have cats right now but are shopping around the shelters for one... hard to choose a new family member!
  4. My parents are still loving the kitten I adopted when I was in high school.  I think his long life is thanks to the quality of food that he eats.  It definitely makes a difference!
  5. Awww...your cats are so cute!  My older two cats are on prescription food because of a urinary tract condition, but we have been trying to determine the best food for our new kittens. There is so much to consider!
  6. The Frugal Exerciser says
    I'm taking care of a feral cat colony in the alley behind my house.  I was feeding the cats Meox mix but then I went really cheap and got them a no name brand.  They ate it but you could tell the difference in the quality of the food.  I switched back to Purina Meox mix.  

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