Halloween Coloring Pages for Adults to Print

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Check out these Halloween coloring pages for adults that you can print out and color.  Get these free creepy coloring pages today!

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a creepy halloween coloring page of a witch

Halloween Coloring Pages for Adults

It’s difficult to find seasonal coloring pages that aren’t geared toward children. I want something that has a bit more detail than the children’s coloring book pages.

And, I really like creepy Halloween coloring pages. So I decided to put this collection together for you.

As cute as the children’s coloring pages are, I really don’t want to color them. I have been searching for some type of coloring book for adults.

If you do want children’s coloring pages, grab a Halloween bookmark and a Halloween activity sheet for the kids.

But instead, I decided to just print out a few Halloween coloring pages that are printable for adults instead.

Here are several of the pages that I found along with a few coloring/journaling books you might enjoy. Scroll to the end to download the witch coloring page above.

Check out these Halloween coloring pages for adults that you can print out and color.  Get these free creepy coloring pages today!

Zombie coloring pages

When I hear the word zombie, I think of those old-style zombie movies that are in black and white on television. But, when my husband hears the word zombie, he thinks of the Walking Dead.

So, if you’re a zombie fan (no matter which type), you might want to try these.

  • This zombie wedding is very cool. Of course, it takes place in a cemetery and the rest of the wedding party is made up of the undead.
  • Or, if you prefer creepy Halloween coloring pages with zombies in the Walking Dead style, check these out. There are several to choose from.

a female vampire with a white face and black eyes

Creepy Halloween Coloring Pages for Adults with Vampires

Are vampires creepy to you? Whether you like Count Dracula or Nosferatu, vampires can definitely be seen as creepy.

If you didn’t know, Nosferatu is based on a 1922 German silent film that you really should see if you haven’t already. If you think you know your vampires, check out this Vampire Facts Halloween Trivia Game.

Then, download this coloring page.

creepy clown

Creepy Clown Halloween Coloring Pages

Do clowns creep you out? I have no issue with clowns. And, I have never thought of them being particularly creepy until I saw It by Stephen King.

But, if your list of creepy Halloween coloring pages has to have clowns on it, here are a few Pennywise coloring pages you can choose from.

If you’re a fan of Stephen King, check out this Stephen King Trivia Game.

haunted house

Creepy coloring pages for adults

Here are a few more coloring pages and printable games for Halloween. I love this Haunted Halloween House because it reminds me of a real haunted house complete with the bats circling the belfry.

Or, check out this Haunted House with a Black Cat if you love cats. This is more a Victorian style home which can certainly seem creepy to some.

If you’re looking for something a little bit more simple, this Skeleton and Gravestone coloring page is fairly simple but I love the completed look. It’s definitely one of my favorite creepy Halloween pages for adults. 

halloween coloring page and a pack of colored pencils

Coloring is a great way to relax after a stressful day and it’s something that I enjoy regularly. I use either gel pens or colored pencils depending on the weight of the paper I’m coloring on.

For printable pages, I find that colored pencils are really the best way to go. These pencils have a great range of colors.

Stephen King & Halloween movies

If you want a few creepy coloring pages for adults to color, I hope you’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve shared here. My personal favorite is Pennywise.

Are you a Stephen King fan too? Or, maybe you’ll want to color Michael Meyers instead? Are you a fan of John Carpenter’s Halloween? 

two jack o lanterns on a wodoen deck

Happy Halloween coloring pages

If you’d rather have cute pumpkins and ghosts than something more spooky, check out these happy Halloween coloring pages including a Halloween banner and a pumpkin full of candy.

If you’re looking for Day of the Dead-style artwork, this coloring book is stunning. When you’re done coloring these, make sure that you hang them up to enjoy them.

Check out a few other easy Halloween decor ideas in the video above. You can hang the coloring pages up when you’re done or recycle them. Either way, it’s a fun way to relax!

Check out these Halloween coloring pages for adults that you can print out and color.  Get these free creepy coloring pages today!

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Download the witch coloring page right here.

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