Easy Christmas Craft Idea – Christmas Countdown Clipboard #TBCcrafters

Easy Christmas craft ideas are perfect for me because I don’t have hours to spend on crafting. As much as I enjoy making crafts, I generally only manage to find an hour here and there to craft. I don’t want to work on anything too time consuming because I’m never sure if I will finish it in time. When I choose a smaller craft, I can be certain that I’ll finish it in a day or two and move on to something different. Since Christmas always seems to arrive much faster than I think it will, I decided to make a Christmas Countdown Clipboard.

Easy Christmas Craft Idea - Christmas Countdown Clipboard

Easy Christmas Craft Idea – Christmas Countdown Clipboard

Easy Christmas Craft Idea


Mini Clipboard
Modge Podge
Sponge paintbrush
Christmas origami paper
Bits of cardstock, ribbon and accessories in Christmas colors
Christmas Bow
Post-its in red or green
Print out a piece of paper that says “Days until Christmas” or paint if you are able.
Glue Dots

Easy Christmas Craft Idea

  • Cut the Christmas origami paper to the size of the clipboard, carefully cutting around the metal hardware.
Easy Christmas Craft
  • Cover the clipboard front with Modge Podge and then carefully attach the paper.  Paint on a thin layer of Modge Podge over the paper.
  • If you have a seam, you can cover it up with a strip of coordinating ribbon.
Christmas Countdown Craft
  • Using Modge Podge attach a piece of white cardstock to the bottom center of the clipboard.  Modge Podge over the top.
  • Using Glue Dots, attach the printed or painted piece of paper over the white cardstock. Do not Modge Podge over the top or the ink will bleed.
Christmas count down craft
  • Modge Podge the back of the Post-it pad and attach to the center of the clipboard.
Easy Christmas craft idea
  • Stick on a festive Christmas bow.
Easy Christmas Craft Ideas
  • Write the number 25 on the front of your Post-it pad.  Each day, tear off the top sheet and write the next lowest number.

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  1. I love it
  2. That is cute! Maybe it will get the kids to stop asking when Christmas is 100 times a day!
  3. Mary @raising dick and Jane says:
    Cute idea. I'll have to do this one.
  4. Very nice! This is a neat idea for the kiddos. I'd totally create this, but we have a christmas tree that has magnetic ornaments that's been in our family for years! Thanks for sharing!
  5. It's easy and my little children would be able to do. Pretty cool idea.
  6. My son loves the countdown!! Cute Idea!
  7. It'd be simple enough for my 2 young kids to make. Nice idea!
  8. Super cute!
  9. love this idea, so easy and simple but great, pinned
  10. This is wonderful. My daughters are always looking for easy crafts that don't require a lot of time. Thanks so much for sharing this one. Carol L
  11. this is quite an interesting idea and also handy!


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