Upcycled Furniture Inspiration

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I love upcycling. I am all about keeping furniture and other items out of the landfill by finding other uses for them. Check out these projects.

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I love upcycling. I am all about keeping furniture and other items out of the landfill by finding other uses for them. Check out these projects.

Upcycled Furniture Inspiration 

So, I got some some serious upcycled furniture inspiration the last time I watched Home Made Simple on OWN. I have been scouting the thrift stores since then looking for something to upcycle.

Home Made Simple TV has a new season on OWN (The Oprah Winfrey Network) that you can tune into Saturday mornings at 9AM. Each week the host shows a couple who is stuck in some sort of design challenge how they can achieve their goals.

paint brushes on a wooden chest

They share helpful tips, tricks and shortcuts that the home owners can use. I love that these projects are simple so they are things that your average person can tackle.

In one of my favorite episodes (Kitty City to City Chic 3/29), Home Made Simple TV treated a cat lover to an old world living room perfect for entertaining.

It was complete with a new built-in antiqued shelving unit, Moroccan inspired side table, an over-dyed rug for just dollars and a special surprise! I really love the ideas that they came up with.

garden using an old headboard as a trellis

What’s the most popular upcycled furniture?

So, there are many things that you can do with an old headboard. This is often used as upcycled furniture inspiration for garden projects. Vintage console tables can easily be made into pet beds.

Kitchen islands are fun to update with modern shelving and accents. There are so many different furniture upcycles.

You can begin with a vintage piece like this 1930’s possum belly table or start with an Ikea piece and create a DIY tufted bench. Check out the step by step tutorials.

I love upcycling. I am all about keeping furniture and other items out of the landfill by finding other uses for them. Check out these projects.

Can you paint old furniture?

One of the simplest things you can do is to repaint your kitchen table and chairs. This gives them a fresh, new look and is very inexpensive.

Or, you might want to update your old outdoor patio furniture. Check out the end result of this outdoor patio furniture makeover. It’s gorgeous!

table made from a pallet with a vase of flowers on it

Is upcycled furniture still popular?

Yes, people love having unique furniture in their homes. And, saving money will always be popular. No matter what the reason, these upcycled furniture projects are still in style today.

This upcycled headboard is a simple project that involves painting wooden furniture. Even a beginner could do something like this for a whole new look.

Upcycling shelving units

For the built in antiqued shelving unit, they put mirrors on the back which helps brighten up the room and is a great way to show off your collectibles. While we already have a shelving unit, I’m sure there is a way that I can put mirrors on the back of the shelves myself.

an upcycled bedroom night stand near a bed

Can you upcycle particleboard?

So, it may not be as popular as solid oak or cherry, but you can definitely upcycle some particle board. I love the way this children’s dress up wardrobe turned out.

Upcycling projects with missing drawers

What to do if your piece is missing a drawer or two? You won’t believe the end results. Check out this DIY vintage buffet for an idea.

How to upcycle a small table

The Moroccan inspired table was a small table that they spray painted and then attached a silver platter to the top. I have my eyes open for a little table to try this myself.

I think it would be the perfect accent piece in our entertainment room. You may want to create a DIY sensory table for your playroom if you have younger children.

Painting furniture white is an inexpensive way to give an old piece of furniture a facelift. Or, if you want a different look, milk paint was used to upcycle this mid century modern sideboard.

Creating furniture using pallets

So, if you don’t have a piece of furniture to upcycle, you can create your own with a pallet. This DIY pallet table is a stunning example of creativity.

a paint brush on a partially painted table

Upcycling TV stands

My favorite upcycled furniture inspiration came from the cat bed they made for their kitties. Since she is a cat lover and works with rescues, they turned an old vintage style television stand into a cat bed.

They took out the workings on the television so only the wooden stand was left. And, they created a special place for their cats.

If you don’t have a cat, you’ll have to try this gorgeous DIY farmhouse TV stand. You can paint it any color you like to match your decor.

So, if you’re looking for design inspiration for your own home or upcycled furniture inspiration for creative DIY’s you want to do, you need to tune in to Home Made Simple TV on OWN Saturday mornings at 9AM.

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