The Best Ways to Declutter Halloween Costumes

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Since it’s almost Halloween time, I’ve been looking into the best ways to declutter Halloween costumes quickly. Check out these ways to declutter holiday items.

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The Best Ways to Declutter Halloween Costumes 

I have years worth of Halloween costumes, decorations, wigs, masks, shoes, candle holders, and plastic pumpkins. I have no idea why I was holding onto all this but I know I have no need for it any longer.

And, I want to get rid of them quickly but I don’t want to throw them away. I hate having to send any more things to the landfill than necessary. These are the best ways to declutter Halloween costumes quickly that are gentle to the earth.

Decluttering Ideas:

One of the best ways to declutter Halloween costumes is to pass them on to younger children. This might mean younger siblings, cousins, or your friend’s children.

But, what happens if you don’t have anyone younger than your child to pass your Halloween costume to? There are still a few places that you can donate your old costumes. 

a woman wearing a cheetah hood

Daycare centers and preschools often have dress-up areas. See if your local daycare centers and preschools would like to add your Halloween costumes to their dress-up closet.

This option will work best for costumes that are not scary. Great options include princesses, cowboys, ladybugs, cows, animals, and favorite preschool cartoon characters.

Thrift stores and consignment stores will generally accept costumes. Consignment stores may be pickier than thrift stores so if you want fast, consider donating the whole lot.

Just remember that you will want to donate costumes far before Halloween so that they have time to get them onto the display racks for customers to purchase.

a ballet dancer wearing a top hat

Where to donate Halloween costumes

Local theaters are always looking for costumes for plays. If you don’t have a local theater, check with your local college or public schools’ theater department.

Costumes like ballet dancers and witches are always popular. But, so are outfits from bygone eras like Victorian times, Old West outfits, or even the roaring twenties. This a great way to declutter Halloween costumes for adults. allows people to offer items for free in their area. Simply post that you have a box of Halloween costumes for anyone interested. It only takes me a day or two to get rid of things this way. Children’s costumes are particularly popular.

a child trick or treating wearing a princess dress

Battered women’s shelters will often accept Halloween costumes for the children that are staying there. Call first and ask since not all shelters may have a need for these.

Make a scarecrow. Depending on the costume, stuff it with hay and make a scarecrow for your front porch. You can use any western type costume for a scarecrow. Or, be non-traditional and set out a witch or a an airplane pilot.

Your local food shelf often knows the needy families in the area. Contact them and see if they have a way to distribute your costumes to those in need. If you need to declutter Halloween costumes, it’s great to help those who really need it.

Children’s hospitals may be looking for Halloween costumes for children or nurses and doctors to wear while they’re working.

The Best Ways to Declutter Halloween Costumes Quickly

Rather than throwing your used Halloween costumes away or leaving them in a storage bin for years, consider a few of the suggestions above.

Choose easy Halloween costumes

If you’d like to get a jump on decluttering Halloween costumes next year, consider easy Halloween costumes. If you choose costumes that can be made from regular clothing, you will have less to declutter next year.

Remember that a cowboy outfit that uses a base of jeans and a flannel shirt, won’t need to be decluttered. It will just need to be put back in the closet. Or, a baseball star could easily use a siblings’ sports uniform as a base for their costume. Think about what you have on hand, and then go from there.

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