Simple Tips for Decluttering Sentimental Photographs

Decluttering can be a challenge when you’re talking about decluttering sentimental photographs. It’s fairly easy to toss out a sweater that’s too small or a coffee cup with a chip on it. When it comes to what to do with excess family photos, the decision becomes a little bit harder. This post ontains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

Tips for Decluttering Sentimental Photographs


Decluttering Sentimental Photographs

While you could certainly leave all of the photos in boxes stacked in your closet, it’s tough to enjoy them that way. I’d much rather be able to flip through my favorites and remember each one than hunt through a box of poorly taken photos that I have no memory of. If you follow a few of these tips for decluttering sentimental photographs, your photos will be easy to access and enjoy in no time.

Eliminate Poor Quality Photos

Unless the photos are one-of-a-kind, you probably don’t need to keep photos of the kids with red eyes, nineteen duplicates of your child’s first steps or the photo of your ex-husband. Feel free to toss anything that is poor quality or that you have more duplicates than you will ever need. If you hate the way you looked in a photo, give yourself permission to get rid of it.

Toss Unknown Photos

If you’re anything like me, you probably have photos in your photo box that you have no idea what they are. I had 25+ photos from a trip to the zoo that I do not even remember taking. There were no people in any of the photos and none of the animals were so rare that I felt I needed to hold onto them forever. Do you have scenic photos you can’t identify? People you do not remember? Feel free to get rid of them.

Organize the Rest

Now that you have kept only the photos you truly love and remember, you need to organize them. There are a number of different ways to do this from photo boxes to scrapbooks. If you’re crafty, feel free to put each photo on its own page with scrapbook embellishments. If you’re like me and you’ve been meaning to scrapbook those photos for 3 years, consider a few different options. You can easily turn your photos into a photo book or into wall art. That way you can enjoy the photos without feeling like you need to be crafty.

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Tips for Decluttering Sentimental Photographs

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  1. GREAT tips! Mine are all on the computer or in an envelope in a cabinet. Not really being enjoyed at all an I love photos. thank you for the tips.
  2. Thank you for the tips, this is going to be one of my goals for 2017!
  3. My mom was never one to organize photos so many years ago she gave me my old childhood photos and even one of her as a child. These are very old, black and white pics, mostly from the sixties, that I want to get preserved and out of the box. I really like the photos against the white background in this post. I have some white storage cubes and they'd look nice against them.
  4. Elle Tucker says:
    Becoming overwhelmed with so many photos is the reason why I stopped getting prints after going digital. But that just means they're as disorganized on the computer now. I have several year's of backlog to cull.
  5. Jennifer Bellotti says:
    Thank you for the tips I am going to do this!

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