Church Street Marketplace in Burlington, Vermont for Vacation

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Have you ever been to Church Street Marketplace? I snapped this picture on a recent trip to Burlington, Vermont with my Mother.  This area is loaded with gorgeous examples of architecture and lots of shops and restaurants.  The Marketplace is blocked off for traffic and has been turned into an open-air mall.  When the weather is nice, there are musicians playing all over the place that you can stop and listen to. Sometimes you also see singers, magicians, and jugglers. There are two fountains, lots of statues, huge granite boulders that have been locally sourced, and Victorian and Art Deco structures.

Church Street Marketplace in Burlington, Vermont for Vacation

Church Street Marketplace

Church Street Marketplace is made up of four blocks and is the area of Church Street between Main Street and Pearl Street in Burlington, Vermont. The idea was initially thought of in the 1950s but wasn’t fully built and available until the 1980s.

Church Street Marketplace Burlington Vermont

Church Street Mall Stores

There are a number of major retail stores in the area including places like LL Bean, Starbucks and Pac Sun. The indoor Burlington Town Center mall has a variety of different places to shop and eat. But, if the weather is nice, you’ll want to spend most of your time outside enjoying the Marketplace.

Church Street Marketplace Burlington Vermont

Of course, there is much more to do than shop and eat in the Church Street Marketplace.  You will want to enjoy the different architectural styles of the buildings including Art Deco (10 Church Street), Italianate (20-26 Church Street),  and Queen Anne (90-98 Church Street).

Church Street Marketplace Burlington Vermont

Church Street Marketplace Parking

You don’t need to worry about Church Street Marketplace parking. There is a parking garage you can leave your car or you can park on one of the many side streets and feed the meters. The marketplace itself is blocked off to traffic. So, you will need to park your car and walk to where you want to go.

Church Street Marketplace

Church Street Restaurants

There are many different Church Street restaurants you can have lunch and dinner. There’s casual dining like Boloco, Ben and Jerry’s, and Five Guys Pizza. But, there are also more upscale restaurants like Sweetwaters and Pascolo Ristorante. In the warmer weather, look for street carts while you’re walking.

Church Street Marketplace in Burlington, Vermont for Vacation

Church Street Marketplace Events

My favorite time to visit the area is during the summer and fall because that’s when the weather is nicest. But, there are Church Street Marketplace Events that happen all year long. You’ll want to check with them to find out the exact dates each year since they change. But, a few of the events they include regularly are a Farmer’s Market, July 4th Fireworks, Summer Concerts, Movie Nights, the Lake Champlain Maritime Festival, and winter Tree Lighting Events.

Of course, there are a lot of others things to do in Burlington, Vermont. You’ll want to check out the Lake Champlain area and make a short drive to the Shelburne Museum.

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  1. I have been here I had the best time
  2. Mindy Grant says
    I live in Maine, and have always wanted to visit Vermont, but just haven't done it yet. I've been to New Hampshire about 1,000 times, but I'd really like to go the extra distance to see the sights of Vermont. I hear it's beautiful!
  3. Tammy Woodall says
    I loved the pictures of Church Street Marketplace. The store fronts and the charm appeal to me. I've always to visit Vermont. In fact, its on my bucket list. Thank you or the information.

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