Boloco Restaurant and Food Transparency

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Looking for more information about the Boloco Restaurant in Burlington Vermont?  Learn more about Boloco Burlington and their menu nutrition.

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Boloco restaurant

Boloco Restaurant

When I go grocery shopping, I pay attention to what I put in our cart.  I look at the ingredients of the foods I buy.  I’m careful about the companies I support and their environmental practices.

I know that my lifestyle choices have an impact on our environment and on my health. When we eat out, I want to be able to have the same type of information about the food I eat and the restaurants that I visit.  

While many restaurants have their nutritional information online, not all of them are transparent about the ingredients that they use.

Boloco Burlington

I recently had the chance to enjoy lunch at Boloco Restaurant in Burlington, Vermont.  I took my Mother to the Shelburne Museum for the day and we stopped for lunch while we were there.

Boloco is a restaurant that offers globally inspired-burritos. Of course, they offer much more than burritos. You can find burritos, wraps, salads, shakes and smoothies.

The burritos on their menu represent culinary traditions from around the world, for example Mexican, Japanese, Thai, and Mediterranean cuisines. There are 21 locations throughout New England and the DC area.

Menu Nutrition

Boloco is giving its guests a firsthand look at the ingredients that make up its globally inspired menu with its new video series, Culinary Investigation Assignment.

Our local Boloco Restaurant is located on Church Street in Burlington.  The Church Street Marketplace is an area of Burlington that has traffic blocked off.  It is an open air mall that has historical architecture, year-round festivals, street entertainers, music, and over 100 places to shop and dine.  

We parked in a local parking garage and enjoyed a leisurely walk up Church Street to the restaurant.

Boloco restaurant

The restaurant is set up fast food style.  You walk to the counter and place your order by mixing and matching different options to create your meal.

You can begin by choosing a flour or whole wheat tortilla or a bowl.  Sizes include original, small, mini and mini bundle.

Note of reference, the original is HUGE and the next time we visit, we’ll order a small.

Boloco restaurant
Burrito bowl with tofu and mango salsa

After that, you choose the protein you want.  You have the choice of chicken, white meat chicken, steak, carnitas and organic tofu. Extra additions you can choose include brown rice, Boloco rice, lettuce, a variety of beans, salsas, sauces, veggies, dressings, dairy, bacon, guacamole, croutons, Asian slaw, creamy coleslaw and Cajun spices.

You can add as much or as little as you like.  So, I went with a bowl of tofu, mango salsa, Boloco rice, melted cheese, and black beans. My Mom got a flour tortilla with chicken and brown rice and she loved hers as well.

Boloco restaurant
Original burrito with flour tortilla, chicken and brown rice

We really enjoyed our lunch at Boloco.  The portions were very generous. The whole kitchen is open behind the counter so it was fun to watch them put our order together.  

The food was absolutely delicious and prepared very quickly.  I love that they are so eco-conscious.  There are places for both compostable trash and recyclable trash in the restaurant as you leave.

Boloco restaurant

Boloco Tofu Recipe

Finally, if you would like to try Boloco’s recipe at home:

Boloco Tofu Recipe
Nasoya Tofu
Cajun Spice Mixture
Pan Spray
Appearance of Tofu:
Tofu is milky white in color when first out of the package.  It will look light-golden brown out of the oven.  The texture of roasted Tofu is crisp golden-brown with moist interior.  Do not over roast.
Time Expectation: 35 Minutes
1. Open up the plastic covering the tofu and drain the liquid out into the sink.
 2. Place on a cutting board and cut the “brick” in to 5 pieces lengthwise.
 3. Spray the clean baking pan with non-stick spray and lay the tofu on the tray.  Once the tray is full (be careful to leave 1/2 inch between the pieces so roasting happens consistently), liberally season the topside with Cajun seasoning.  
 4. Roast for 15 minutes in oven at 450°F.
 5. After 15 minutes remove and turn using spatula.  Liberally spice second side with Cajun seasoning and place back into oven at 450°F.
 6. Once complete, remove from oven and enjoy!

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  1. I've never heard of this restaurant. I'll have to check and see if they have one in our area. My husband and I love burritos!
  2. I love finding restaurants that offer a menu a little bit different than your average restaurant. Love that they are aware of their carbon footprint!
  3. I love seeing that they offer fresh food (you can see everything) and they are eco conscious! Wish they were close to me!
  4. I love Burlington Vermont. My son spent 2 summers there and I love that pedestrian avenue that your picture above is taken on. I don't know if I'll ever have a reason to go back, but if I do, I'll make sure that I'll go to Boloco.
  5. I saw this place for the first time when we were up in MA last month, but we didn't get a chance to stop in. Now I wish we had. Tell them to come to NJ! :)

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