Why Exercise Technology Is The Secret Ingredient

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This post on exercise technology has been inspired by a product provided for review. I’ve received Move C300 activity tracker as a compensation for my time and efforts via Fitspiration For Moms Network. The thoughts, experiences, and opinions are entirely mine

My weight has gone up and down since I graduated high school.  At a low, I have gotten down to 142 which is about 4 pounds higher than what I weighed when I graduated high school.  I’m 5’8″ so 142 is on the lower side of what I “should” weigh.  On the high side, my weight has gotten to 175.  I wish I could say that I weighed 142 today but sadly I don’t.  According to my doctor, I should lose about ten pounds. I would love to lose 15 but at 46 and close to menopause, I am not sure what’s realistic. I am trying to lose ten pounds. You may be thinking that ten pounds should be easy. I know that’s how I used to see ten pounds.  As I get older, ten pounds is more difficult than it used to be.

Exercise technology

Why Exercise Technology Is The Secret Ingredient

I’ve tried a number of different diet and exercise plans.  I’ve tried going to the gym, working out alone at home, walking with a friend and every other conceivable option I had available.  Some were more successful than others but eventually, I failed at them all.  I have finally realized what my problem is.  When I do something, I like an immediate result.  No, I don’t expect to lose ten pounds by walking around the house. But it’s hard for me to visualize what I’m accomplishing when I exercise until a long time has past.  I want something that shows me how I’m doing now and I’ve found it!

exercise technology

The secret ingredient to actually being successful at exercising is the LifeTrak Move C300. Just what is it?  Basically it’s a bracelet you wear that allows you to monitor your progress graphically by hour, day, week or workout.  It automatically counts your calories all day and then uses your heart rate to compute the calories burned.  No more trying to figure out whether or not that walk was a medium or low intensity workout.  It’s all done for you.  The LifeTrak Move C300 monitors your calories burned, heart rate, and steps taken. It offers continuous activity monitoring with accurate heart rate detection.  The Bluetooth connectivity allows it to sync to popular fitness apps on your iPhone.  There are daily and weekly activity logs as well.

Of course, the fun part of the LifeTrak Move C300 is the fact that it works with an app called Argus.  Argus is the interface the turns all of this exercise technology into something that motivates me.  At a glance, I can see how many calories I have burned with the activity I’ve done.  I can see how many steps I have taken, how many glasses of water I have had, how many cups of coffee I’ve had, photographs of the food I have eaten, the date, and even the weather for today.

You can use the Argus to take pictures of the food you eat as well and it displays it along with your other information.  This really motivates me to eat healthy. I don’t want to see a pile of cookies on my screen when I know I’m trying to eat healthy.

There’s a really cool app that is also made by the makers of Argus called Sleep Time.  Using Sleep Time (to track your sleep) lets you track how much sleep you get and how rested you feel. You can then use that information to set and change your sleep goals in the Argus app.  You can also set goals for glasses of water and amount of walking you do.  Since I’m working on walking 2 miles several days a week, I love this! Exercise technology is definitely the secret ingredient for me in successfully losing weight and getting healthy.

the LifeTrak Move C300 is extremely easy to use.  I am not a technical person.  You set the date, time and personal information on the watch.  You download the app to your iPhone.  You open the app and then sync your LifeTrak Move C300 to the app. That’s all there is to it. There are no cables or USB cords. You don’t have to connect anything to your computer or plug anything in. If you are looking for exercise technology, this is definitely the one you need. It’s even submersible to 90 ft! The LifeTrak Move C300 retails for $59.99.

This post on exercise technology has been inspired by a product provided for review. I’ve received Move C300 activity tracker as a compensation for my time and efforts via Fitspiration For Moms Network. The thoughts, experiences, and opinions are entirely mine



  1. Kristin Barclay says
    I like to bike, so I'd love for it to track that since my FitBit doesn't record biking very well. Is it water resistant? 
  2. Melissa M. Miller says
    I'd love to know how many steps I'm taking per day so I can learn how to increase my steps to a goal of 10,000 per day.
  3. Liza @ Views From the 'Ville says
    I think it would be great for our walks around the neighborhood and when I hit the treadmill - you'd know when to push just a little harder to get to a steps or calories-burned milestone.
  4. Grace Hodgin says
    This would make watching how many calories I burned so much easier. I'd love to use this when I exercise.
  5. Ava Chavez says
    It would be great for everything!!!  I use my elliptical daily & ride my bike 5x a week....it's hard to track everything..from calories, to RPMS, to BMI...This think would be awesome!
  6. Any activity really but for me, the stationary bike, stairs and walking!
  7. vickie couturier says
    Gosh I need this so badly to help me moving an motivated to move more
  8. i like to ride my bike, this would be great for that activity
  9. I wonder if it would register my taekwondo classes?
  10. I know what you mean, it does make a difference when you feel like you know where you are and what your progress is! I'd love to try the Sleep Time app. I think it might explode if it tried to process my awful sleep schedule, LOL!!
  11. I would love this so I can have a practical tracker of all my activity and not guess as to how many calories I'm actually burning.
  12. vickie couturier says
    i want to start walking an to increase it every day so this would be great to have
  13. Samantha Daleo says
    It would help me to know how much I am truly getting done with my daily walk and if/when I need to step it up.
  14. Brooke Deegan says
    These are wonderful. it would be nice to have a little extra motivation which I think this would do.
  15. Losing weight and leaving a healthy lifestyle can be a little difficult; however, I wish you much ssuccess on achieving your targeted weight.
  16. Mary Williams says
    This would be great for motivation! I love that it tracks calories too!
  17. Being able to see your progress IS great motivation!
  18. Mippy/Sabrina says
    AWESOME! This review is exactly what I am looking for! :)

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