Miniature Desserts for Entertaining

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Looking for miniature desserts for entertaining? Check out my thoughts on the cookbook Petite Treats and try my favorite dessert recipe.

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Miniature desserts for entertaining

Miniature Desserts for Entertaining

Miniature desserts can be just the thing to turn a regular recipe into a recipe that will wow your guests when you entertain. After all, a plain muffin may be something you eat regularly, but just imagine serving your guests miniature Banana Blueberry Muffins with coffee when they stop by.

You can buy the cookbook here.

Or how about tiny Blackberry Lime Meringue Pies? I know my guests would certainly be impressed with miniature desserts. Creating miniature desserts also means that you can sample several without overindulging.  

Having miniature desserts means that it is perfectly OK to sample an Espresso Brownie and a Jelly Donut. I can’t wait to try a few more of these petit treats recipes.

Petit Treats cookbook review

Petite Treats: Mini Versions of Your Favorite Baked Delights by Christy Beaver and Morgan Greenseth is a collection of recipes for perfectly sized handheld treats.  

The recipes for this miniature desserts cookbook are broken down into sections for Morning Bites, Sweet Snacks, Classic Bites, Fancy Stuff; and Frostings, Fillings, Toppings, and Drizzles. Each of the recipes includes a detailed ingredients list and easy to follow instructions.  

I appreciate that the recipes include information on how best to store the miniature desserts and how long they can be stored.  Most of the time, when I entertain, I like to make the treats ahead of time and then have them ready when I need them.

Banana Blueberry Muffins Recipe Miniature Desserts

What’s included in this cookbook?

The selection of miniature desserts recipes is really fantastic.  You have some decadent sweets that will appeal to those with a definite sweet tooth like the Fauxstess Cupcakes.

You also have treats that are a bit more on the healthy side like the Blueberry Lavender Cookies.  There are also quite a few miniature dessert recipes that are vegan. That is a nice treat to find in a non-vegan dessert cookbook. There is also a conversions chart at the back of the cookbook.

Scattered throughout the cookbook, are sweet tips with suggestions about making the recipes easier, making them vegan, or substitutions for different foods.  There are also a number of photographs of the finished miniature desserts as well.  

If you’re looking for a mini desserts cookbook that offers easy to follow recipes for mini versions of your favorite desserts, Petite Treats is definitely the cookbook you need. I tried the Banana Blueberry Muffins recipe and it was amazing!

You can buy the cookbook here.

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  1. Those are adorable! I love mini desserts; especially when they are bite size! Then i don't have to worry about how I look taking a big bite of a huge muffin. I can just plog the entire thing in! lol. 
  2. These are too cute! I love mini desserts because then I can have a few of different dessert types - or that's how I try to rationalize it at least. ;)
  3. I love minature desserts!  I think everything is better when it's smaller because then I can eat more - LOL!  I'll have to check this out for some holiday inspiration!

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