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About a month and a half ago, we noticed a little black cat in our backyard.  I originally thought she must belong to one of our neighbors. The days went on and we continued to see her in our backyard and she appeared to be sleeping in our woodshed.  I started to worry that she was a stray or was lost.  She was very friendly and appeared to be well cared for but after calling everyone in our neighborhood, I could not find her owners.

Christmas present ideas for pets #HappyAllTheWay #shop #cbias

Winters in Vermont are not fun.  Our temperatures often drop below zero and it’s not uncommon to have several feet of snow on the ground at one time.  I wanted to make sure that she was safe and warm this winter so I took her to our animal control officer.  He works with our local vet to find homes for strays.  Our shelters have no kill policies so I knew that even if we couldn’t find her owner, she would be better off in our local shelter than living outside during the winter.  We adopted two of our three cats from the Humane Society shelter in our area and it really is a nice place.

Christmas Present Ideas for Pets

Because our local vet’s office has always been wonderful to our cats and worked to find homes for strays in the area, I wanted to do something nice for them to thank them. I decided to create a gift basket for some of the pets that were visiting them. I started thinking about Christmas present ideas for pets and flipped through the Walgreens holiday gift guide for ideas.

Christmas present ideas for pets #HappyAllTheWay #shop #cbias

Christmas present ideas for pets #HappyAllTheWay #shop #cbias

I loved flipping through the Walgreens Happy & Healthy Holiday Guide because it’s so much more than other holiday gift guides. Not only does it show you what Walgreens offers, it shows you unique pairings so you can combine more than one item into a gift basket as a personalized gift. The Walgreens Happy & Healthy Holiday Guide suggested a pet stocking along with Pet Shoppe Bungee Pull Dog Toy, Vinyl Chicken Dog Toy and Pet Shoppe Piggy Rope Bone to put together a dog’s stocking for Christmas. It gave me some great ideas of what types of things the animals at our vet’s office might enjoy.  When I went shopping, I picked up more than what would fit into a Christmas stocking, so I chose a Christmas gift bag instead.

The unique pairing ideas in the Walgreens Holiday Guide certainly made it easy to figure out what type of creative gifts to get people on my gift list. It gave me some great ideas for cosmetic gifts for my daughter and there are even a few recipes & craft ideas to try. The Walgreens holiday catalog shows you how you can take one basic item and then pair it with others to create a truly personalized gift that doesn’t look like one of those last minute Christmas gifts.

Christmas present ideas for pets #HappyAllTheWay #shop #cbias

Christmas present ideas for pets #HappyAllTheWay #shop #cbias

When I dropped off my donation at our vet’s office, everyone was very happy to receive the gifts and to learn about the Walgreens Pet Shoppe products.  I bought dry and canned food, dog biscuits, and cat and dog toys for them to enjoy. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

Christmas present ideas for pets #HappyAllTheWay #shop #cbias

Christmas present ideas for pets #HappyAllTheWay #shop #cbias

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  1. I bet they were thrilled with your donation! We always get our critters Christmas gifts!
  2. Jenn @TheRebelChick says
    I love Walgreens, seriously, I am there more often than not! LOL! I love the idea of giving items to the vet's office! I should take advantage of some of their sales and round up goodies for the Humane Society I volunteer with too!
  3. Kelsey Apley says
    What great gift idea's for your pet!! Ruger loves his treats and such, and I love the idea of giving to the Vet!!! 
  4. Brandie (@ Home Cooking Memories) says
    awww, what a wonderful donation!! We are a cat family and I think my kids would totally love to do this -- with cat supplies though. 
  5. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement says
    What an amazing idea! Not many people would think to add a local animal shelter to their Christmas gift-giving list, so I think that's such a creative and wonderful thing to do :) Hopefully your post will inspire more people to do something like that!
  6. I have been thinking about what to get my furbabies this year. I love to buy them presents!
  7. Those are some great Christmas gifts for pets. My daughter and I just put together a package yesterday of supplies for a rescue group. I am sure the pups will all love their gifts!
  8. Savannah miller says
    My pups LOVE Christmas!  They don't get as many gifts as my kiddos, but they get enough to make the holiday fun for them too :) I just got a kitten (My first ever I'm not a cat person lol) anyway I'm super excited to get her gifts this year I'm hoping she enjoys the Holidays as much as my pups do!  Thanks for all the great suggestions! :)
  9. That was really sweet
  10. I just love that you did this! My dogs will each get a stocking full of goodies for Christmas. I'll have to drop something special by the Vet's office. We've had to spend a lot of time there this year with one of our sick pups.
  11. That is wonderful that you were able to make a donation to your local vet. We spent a lot of time at the vet with our sick cat. 
  12. Tammilee Tillison says
    What a sweet gift! I have a stocking for my cat that I need to stock this year. She is so spoiled and I find the perfect treats for her at Walgreens. 
  13. What a beautiful idea, love this! I am feeling inspired to do the same!
  14. I can hear him now, Oh what's in there for me? I love Walgreen's. They have just about everything.
  15. I love Walgreens selection of pet products!
  16. I have two dogs, and they are the only ones I still have to shop for.
  17. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says
    I'm in Walgreens all the time but since I don't have a pet, I had no idea their selection was so complete!
  18. YAY!! You know I love this! We are all about our pets and donating to animals. LOVE this idea!!!
  19. Kristy - Savvy and Sassy says
    These are great ideas for pet gifts! Thank you for sharing!
  20. Thanks for some great ideas on gifts for my pet..
  21. These are some really great gift ideas. Kudos for donating the gifts to the local vet.
  22. Betzy Carmona says
    My pets would love this !
  23. Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom says
    What a great idea to donate to your vet! I know that at our vet's office, someone is always leaving their pet and the vet adopting them or taking care of strays. This would be perfect! #client

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