Working From Home on a Snow Day

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Working from home on a snow day is just part of winter when you live in rural Vermont. I absolutely love living in the middle of the woods, but sometimes the snow makes it impossible to get out. When that happens, I work from home as much as possible and leave the errands and running around for another day. This post has been sponsored, but the story is my own.

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Working from home on a snow day

Working From Home on a Snow Day

I’m very much addicted to my technology. Using a variety of apps can really help me stay organized and on top of things. It’s easy to get distracted at home by the kids, husband, cats, the lure of the TV or by just looking out the window at the snow falling. It doesn’t take much some days.

So, before our worlds turn into snowglobes, I talked with tech experts over at AT&T New England to compile a list of mobile apps you can use to stay productive when you’re forced to work from home.

  • Office Chat – Truly bring your office home with Office Chat. This mobile app is more than just messaging; it has the ability to share pictures, files, videos and audio attachments. You will also have access to email, detailed info pages for colleagues and much more! With Office Chat, you can fully collaborate with colleagues and teams from home!
  • GroupMe – GroupMe is another simple way to stay in touch with your colleagues wherever you are. GroupMe allows you to direct message and create group chats via their phone number or email address.  Group chats are perfect if you are working on a team project and want to be able to share ideas instantly and on-the-go.
  • White Noise – Create a quiet workspace at home with the White Noise app. This app helps to block out distractions and increase focus. There is a wide assortment of sounds to choose from in the sound catalog. These relaxing sounds reduce stress, headaches and enhance privacy. Become more productive by downloading White Noise app today!
  • Evernote – Eliminate paper clutter and get organized with Evernote. In this app, you can type all your notes, create notebooks and to-do lists and access them anywhere. Evernote has a powerful search engine making it quick and easy to find something you have created. Evernote can also be used for personal needs such as managing expenses and travel plans. Now, the next time you get a brilliant idea you can type it into Evernote so you can refer back to it at any time.
  • POPSUGAR Active – Even when you’re not in the office, you still need a break in the middle of your workday. With this app, you can relieve stress without leaving your house. With preloaded workout videos, challenges, photo tutorials, treadmill workouts and much more! Reminders are built in so you won’t forget to take the time each day focus on your health and fitness. Now you can work and workout at home!
  • PowerSchool for Parents – Even with all of these tools, balancing work and personal life can still be a chore – especially if you have kids at home! With this app, though, you can keep up with your own work and manage your kids’ snow days at the same time. PowerSchool for Parents helps you can easily view child’s progress from assignments, teacher comments, final grades, activities and much more! Also, to make sure you are not missing any important events this app allows you to access school announcements (like more Snow Days!).

Do you have any tips for working from home on a snow day?

Working at home on a snow day - tips for productivity

8 thoughts on “Working From Home on a Snow Day”

  1. Love these tips and that snow photo is just beautiful! I work at home every day and my tip is schedule social media time otherwise it can take over the day.
  2. I work from home so I understand completely. One of the most frustrating things about working from home in the winter is the possibility of our power going out. That alone always caused me to worry about staying on top of work during the snow and ice season. Great tips and stay warm!
  3. I always"work" from home but sometimes have to help my husband when he works from home, which mostly means keeping it quiet for him. My tip is to find a quiet space if at all possible! It's funny, your picture above would fill me with glee as a kid but as an adult, all I can think about who has to shovel that! LOL

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