Best Tech Gadgets for Minimalist Living

Why am I sharing the best tech gadgets for minimalist living? There was a discussion in one of my minimalism groups last week about how technology and minimalism fit together. Some people felt that technology had no part in minimalism. Others felt that using technology made living a minimalist life easier for them. It made […]

12 Reasons to Enjoy the Night with Netflix

I’m very excited to be part of the Netflix Stream Team for another year. I have had the opportunity to work with a number of other bloggers are part of this program and watch many of my favorite programs. Each month I bring you a recipe or a craft that corresponds to a certain theme […]

Working From Home on a Snow Day

Working from home on a snow day is just part of winter when you live in rural Vermont. I absolutely love living in the middle of the woods, but sometimes the snow makes it impossible to get out. When that happens, I work from home as much as possible and leave the errands and running […]

Saving Time with Technology

Today has really been one of those days. If I could add another 3 hours of productive time to each day I would do it in an instant. I’ve been trying to figure out how I can get more hours in my day but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. I’ve been waking […]

Save Time With Technology | Get Organized For Christmas

Lately I have been feeling like I will never get organized for Christmas. I have so many things that need to be done before the holidays actually arrive and there is less than a month left! It hit me this morning. There are less than 30 days until Christmas. Have I mentioned that I haven’t […]

How to Get More Wireless Range from Your Router

Finding out how to get more wireless range from your router is something my daughter has been pestering me about a lot lately.   I recently purchased my daughter a new laptop. Her old one would have cost more to repair than it was worth.  She loves her new laptop except for one thing.  For […]

Magellan eXplorist GC Geocaching

This Magellan eXplorist GC post has been made possible by an item provided for review.  This post may contain affiliate links.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. When I grew up, I spent a lot of time daydreaming.  Most of the time I was a princess.  But, every now and then, I would imagine […]

netTALK Duo WiFi Giveaway

As the new year approaches, one of the areas I look at is my budget for the past year.  I like to see if there are ways that I can curb our household spending and save more money next year.  As mom to two teenagers, one of our larger expenses is internet, telephone and cable […]

NetZero 4G Mobile HotSpot #NetZero4G Giveaway

I don’t travel all that often but when I do, the NetZero 4G HotSpot will come in handy.  When I’m at home, I can work on my iPad by connecting to my wireless internet.  Unfortunately, once I travel, I have no internet connection.  That means when I had to my parent’s house, on a business […]

Epson Expression Premium XP-800 small-in-one printer review

An all in one printer is something that I just cannot do without.    I find myself printing, scanning, copying and faxing regularly both for business and personal use.   Because I have a home office that happens to be in the living room, I need a printer that is packed with features and functions […]