Try it Tuesday: Christmas in July – Make your own Christmas tags

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I’ve been in declutter mode lately. It seems like paper clutter just sort of sneaks up on you and all of a sudden it’s everywhere you look. I’ve decided to start decluttering some of the paper stuff I have that I don’t need. My first step was the upstairs file cabinet that has become a dumping ground for stuff I don’t know where else to put. You probably have one of those in your house.

What did I find but a stack of Christmas cards from a few years ago. These weren’t special Christmas cards like baby’s first or special anniversary cards. They were just run of the mill Christmas cards from family, friends and my mortgage company. I really didn’t need to hold onto them for any reason but I didn’t want to just toss them in the recycle bucket either.

I decided that I could turn the Christmas cards into gift tags for this coming Christmas. That would keep them out of the land fill for a while and also save me from having to buy them at the store. All you need to do is cute out cute sections of the Christmas card, punch a hole in the top with a hole punch and tie on a pretty ribbon or string for accent. If you have them, you can use scrapbooking scissors to scallop the edge or even pinking shears for a zigzag. You could even add glitter to the edges of the tags.

While you can use any kind of Christmas card, it’s easiest to work with cards that have separate images on them instead of one large scene.  Look for images like holly, Christmas presents, bold words, candy canes, etc. and cut around them carefully to make a Christmas tag. Use your imagination for the shapes. You can use simple squares and rectangles if you want or get creative and make some that look like stars, manilla tags, Christmas trees or ornaments. Punch a hole in the top carefully and then run a ribbon or string through it and tie.  When you want to use the tag, just turn it over and write on the blank part on the back. Attach it to your present by the string or ribbon and you’re done.

This is a great project for the kids too if they’re old enough to manage scissors.  You can weave in a lesson about recycling if you want or just take advantage of a couple quiet minutes and sneak in a cup of coffee while they’re distracted.

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