Tips for Saving Money on Holiday Groceries

If you have any tips for saving money on holiday groceries, I would love it if you shared them with me. Sometimes, it can be a struggle to put healthy food on the table without completely going over budget. As I put together my grocery list for the holidays, I’m trying to keep an eye on how much everything costs. This post has been sponsored and contains affiliate links, but the story is my own.

This post may be sponsored. Post contains affiliate links. I may be compensated if you make a purchase using my link.

Tips for Saving Money on Holiday Groceries

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Tips for Saving Money on Holiday Groceries

The holidays can be a very hectic time, so it’s tempting to purchase a lot of ready-made foods to save time. With a little bit of advanced planning, you can keep your grocery bill down and still splurge on a few ready-made foods.

  1. Choose your favorite foods. Ask yourself if you can scale back at all on your traditional holiday dinner. Do you need to have five pies? Maybe three pies are enough. Do you need to have lasagna along with the turkey? Or can you save the lasagna for another meal?
  2. Make a list. Make a list before you leave home and then stick to it. Impulse buys can add a lot to your grocery bill.
  3. Limit waste. While I love fresh foods, using canned or frozen vegetables can help prevent waste if fresh vegetables and fruits go bad before they are used.
  4. Make less. Do you want to eat leftovers for the next four days? Could you make a bit less to keep your costs down?
  5. Do it yourself. Instead of purchasing butternut squash that has already been peeled and diced for you. Buy a whole butternut squash and then peel and dice it yourself.
  6. Serve it potluck style. Ask a friend or family member to bring a dish or two to cut down on your costs.
  7. Buy in bulk. Purchasing spices, flours and other kitchens staples from bulk bins will help you keep your costs down. Go in with a friend and divide things up if you cannot use as much as you need to buy.
  8. Check the markdown section. Our produce department has a section for food that is slightly less than perfect. If you’re only going to mash the potatoes the next day, does it matter if a few are soft?
  9. Consider substitutions. Is Greek yogurt cheaper than sour cream? Would it work just as well? Are apples less expensive than blueberries for pie baking?
  10. Pick the best store. Which store has the best deals for the holidays? Could you shop at one or two and save money?  I use an app like Chuze to help me save time and money at the grocery store.

What makes Chuze unique is that it isn’t just a way to save your grocery list. I could do that with a piece of paper and a pen. What Chuze allows me to do is to scan items that I run out of or will be running out of soon as a way to keep track of what I need to buy. When I used the sour cream for dinner last night, I noticed we were running low. I just scan it with Chuze, and it keeps track of it. Did you just use the last garbage bag? Scan the box before you recycle it.

Tips for Saving Money on Holiday Groceries

Not only does Chuze keep track of what you need, it automatically matches deals on what you need to purchase. Chuze sends you coupons for your favorite items, only when you need them. No more multiple-page coupon booklets in the mail, no need to save crumpled coupons in your wallet or worry about their expiration dates.

When it’s time shop, Chuze organizes your grocery list by aisle (for over 10,000 stores), so you don’t waste time searching for it.  Using Chuze lets me save time in every area of grocery shopping from the list to the checkout!

Chuze is a free app available for both iOS and Android. Download yours today!

Tips for Saving Money on Holiday Groceries

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  1. These are some great tips, we could save a bundle. I love the idea of having the pot luck version, I am sure it will be just as delicious. 
  2. These are all wonderful tips to keep costs down. I especially like the one about buying less and having less leftovers. So many people make way too much food.
  3. sounds like a very useful app. I spend a ton at the grocery store and would certainly like to spend less!
  4. I've always shopped what's on sale and my parents do the same. Especially at Thanksgiving the grocers tend to put popular foods on sale. Before she was retired my mom always received a turkey from work, so that was covered! One thing I stopped doing was wasting so much time with paper coupons. I spent tons of time clipping and running to the store or worrying they would expire. Now I eat more whole foods, less convenience foods, that rarely need coupons. Time saved is money saved!
  5. I love shopping the reduced produce, meat and bakery sections. I can always find perfectly good foods there for up to 90% off! 
  6. Great tips, I use many of these already!  I can't stomach food waste. We try to only buy what we need and use everything for something!
  7. Thank you for the tips as these are very informative.  I will be putting them into practice this holiday season. 

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