When Should I Replace My Contacts

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If you’re wondering when should I replace my contacts, check out these tips. I’ll answer the question how often should I change my contacts.

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I’ve had glasses since I was about three years old. Everyone in my family has worn glasses at least part of their lives except for my children. I’ve considered getting contact lenses many times but have always wondered when I should replace my contacts.

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Replace My Contacts

Just like with regular eyeglasses, you need to have a prescription to get a pair of contact lenses. What you may not know is that there are several different types of contacts.

Each type of contact lenses has a different set of rules for how to care for them and how to replace them.

Contact lenses are often a good choice for people who don’t want to wear glasses and aren’t interested in LASIK surgery. Did you know that it is generally considered safe for your child to wear contact lenses starting at the age of 12?

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Types of Contact Lenses

  • Soft lenses are made from gel-like plastics called hydro-gels. They are very thin and pliable.
  • Silicone hydro-gel lenses are more porous than soft lenses. This is the most common lens type prescribed in the US.
  • Gas permeable lenses are more rigid than hydro-gels but still allow oxygen to pass through them. These provide sharper optics than the hydro-gel lenses.
  • Hybrid contact lenses offer the comfort of hydrogels with the sharper optics provided by gas permeable lenses.
  • PMMA lenses are made from a rigid material that is used as a glass substitute. These hard contact lenses are not generally prescribed today.

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How Long Should I Wear My Contacts

  • Daily wear lenses should be removed every night.
  • Extended wear lenses can be left in overnight and are generally safe to leave in for up to seven days.

When Should I Replace My Contacts

No matter how well you care for your contact lenses, they will eventually need to be replaced. This will help to prevent the build-up of lens deposits and contamination which may cause an eye infection. ReplaceMyContacts Com offered a variety of contact styles and types.

  • Daily disposable lenses should be discarded after a single use at the end of the day.
  • Disposable lenses should be discarded no more than two weeks from when you begin to use them.
  • Frequent replacement lenses should be discarded every month or at the most every quarter.
  • Traditional reusable lenses should be discarded after 6 months.

Proper care of your contact lenses will have an impact on how long they last. They should be cared for and cleaned according to the directions on the box of lenses. At the least, you will need a multipurpose cleaning solution to keep them clean and germ free and a lens case to store them in.

ReplaceMyContacts Com

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31 thoughts on “When Should I Replace My Contacts”

  1. My daughter wears them because she HATES wearing glasses & she can't see without them.. So contacts are great for her. TY for the chance
  2. I have worn contacts for 30 years and I would NOT go back to just glasses only! First off, I have a VERY strong prescription (I am on the "finger system" for my sight...how many fingers can you see at this far away...I can't be put on the 20/20 for what my eyesight is...seriously..ask your eye dr..it's true..funniest thing I've ever heard and thought my dr was teasing me...) and no matter how thin my glass lenses are, they are heavy! I can't find glasses that are comfy with the heaviness of my lense! I LOVE wearing sunglasses. Overall, I think I look better with contacts... :)
  3. I wear contacts because I have an astigmatism in both eyes.  It makes the depth perception alot better and my vision is so bad that I cant see anything if i were to look out of the frame of my glasses.
  4. They give me much more freedom when I am cooking and since I chop onions each day, your eyes do not water while wearing contacts!
  5. I am far-sighted in one eye and near-sighted in the other. This means when I wear glasses, one side is really thick and the other side is really thin, so my eyes look like this O.o Therefore, I prefer contacts.
  6. I had laser surgery for macular degeneration when I was 39 and was told I could never have corrective vision surgery. I wear contacts because I don't like wearing glasses all of the time.

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