Aging Eye Problems and the Importance of Vision Care

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Aging eye problems can be one of the first changes you notice as you get older. For me, it was squinting a little bit more as I watched television. Then, it was a trip to the eye doctor that ended with him telling me I was in the beginning stages of cataracts. Both of those emphasized the importance of vision care. I guess I should have expected it since my mom has cataracts. But, it was just one more thing I didn’t want to add to my retirement planning list.

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Aging Eye Problems and the Importance of Vision Care

Aging Eye Problems

There are many aging eye problems people may experience ranging from macular degeneration to cataracts and glaucoma. These are among the most common diseases adults experience between the ages of 40 and 60. Since I’ve worn glasses most of my life, I have regular vision exams. And, that’s how I realized I would have to deal with cataracts in a few years. Age related vision changes are just another thing that made me realize the importance of vision care.

Aging Eye Problems and the Importance of Vision Care

Marty and I have been planning for retirement and discussing things like savings, expenses, investments, and insurance. Now that the kids have moved out, our lives have changed quite a bit.

I’m enjoying more flexibility in my schedule and taking more time for myself. I’ve started my walks in the woods again and it feels good.

But, these changes have really reminded us retirement is something we should be giving a lot more thought to especially since we found out traditional Medicare doesn’t cover regular vision exams, glasses, etc.!

Why a Bay Alarm Medical is Giving Me Peace of Mind

After doing a little research into what retirement meant to our insurance plans, I was happy to learn that VSP Vision Care offers a VSP Individual Vision Plan that you can purchase on your own without the need to enroll through an employer.

That means Marty and I don’t have to end our vision coverage when we retire. It’s important to me to keep the same doctors I’ve always had when I retire.

They know me, and I know them. And, since Marty is disabled, his long-term care is something we need to really take into consideration.

Aging Eye Problems and the Importance of Vision Care

VSP is a leader in eye care benefits and it offers affordable Individual Vision i Plans to people who don’t have vision coverage offered by their employers. Plus, VSP serves more than 79 million Americans through its individual and group plans. If you do the math, that is 1 in 4 people!

Did you know a VSP Individual Vision Plan can cost as low as $17 a month? And, they provide an average savings of more than $200 per year. Members give the company a 95% overall satisfaction rating which is pretty amazing.

Aging Eye Problems and the Importance of Vision Care

With VSP Individual Vision Plans, I can get a comprehensive eye exam, prescription lenses with covered lens enhancements (and an allowance for frames including a selection of brand names like Nike, Calvin Klein, and Nine West), plus access to a large network of independent doctors! VSP Individual Vision Plans are your lowest out-of-pocket cost option so you not only get personal attention and the access you want, but you don’t have to spend more money to get them.

For more information, go to or call 877-988-4746 to speak to one of their customer care representatives.

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  1. Both my mom and dad had cataract surgery on both their eyes last year and are very happy with the results. I had lasix surgery 18 years ago and amazed I still just need readers and keep watching for any changes. With green eyes, they have always been a bit light sensitive and I'm amazed how many people don't follow better eye care when out in the sun. Very good to watch our ever changing insurance as you said, since eye care is so costly.
      • It's over in a snap, says my dad (mid-eighties). He was impressed how quick and painless the whole thing was and he can be a real curmudgeon (so says my mom but I agree). I bet it will be even better as a surgical procedure, in the coming years. I thought maybe an older eye/cornea would heal a bit different than someone younger but it doesn't seem so. I worried about my parents' recovery but they were fine.

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