Thanksgiving Cornucopia Crafts

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Check out these cornucopia crafts! Since we’re having Thanksgiving at my house this year, I have been trying to come up with some different Thanksgiving place setting ideas. 

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Thanksgiving Place Setting Ideas | Cornucopia Crafts

Cornucopia Crafts as a Thanksgiving Place Setting

I want something that I can put on the top of each plate that is festive but not food since there are a variety of food allergies and special diets to deal with in my family. I’m also trying to keep our Thanksgiving dinner as healthy as possible and all the edible cornucopia crafts I’ve come across all use colored candies and pre-packaged foods. 

I really wanted to try some of the cornucopia crafts I saw but they all seemed rather complicated and I wanted something easy. I decided to create a cornucopia with some brown scrapbook paper. You could easily do the same thing with construction paper if you have that instead or even a stiff piece of brown felt.

This craft could easily be done by your preschooler or kindergarten aged child with a little bit of supervision. It’s a simple way to decorate for Thanksgiving.

markers and craft supplies
Cornucopia Craft Materials

  • An 8-inch square piece of brown craft paper for each place setting
  • 7-inch square or smaller piece of a lighter brown piece of craft paper, lace, burlap, fabric, etc.
  • Tape
  • Ribbon, raffia or yarn to tie around the outside
  • White or ivory craft paper
  • Scissors or a personal paper cutter

an open package of markers

  • BIC Mark-It™ Soft Grip Permanent Marker in Harvest Orange
  • Dried flowers, pine cones, fake leaves, mini pumpkins, straw to fill the cornucopia

Cornucopia Craft Directions

There are lots of different cornucopia crafts you can make using these basic directions. Feel free to get creative with the materials you use to create your own special look. You could easily fill the center with greenery and pinecones from outside if you have them.

  • Carefully fold the 8″ square paper into a cornucopia shape. Add a piece of tape to hold it.

Thanksgiving Place Setting Ideas | Cornucopia Crafts

  • Repeat the process with the 7″ square and layer it over the 8″ square. Add a piece of tape to hold it.
  • Using ribbon, raffia or yarn tie a bow around the cornucopia, carefully covering the tape.

Thanksgiving Place Setting Ideas | Cornucopia Crafts

  • Fill the cornucopia with whatever you have to give it a festive look.
  • Write something that you are thankful for on a piece of white card stock using a BIC Mark-It™ Soft Grip Permanent Marker in HarvestOrange and place one at each place setting.

BIC is encouraging you to keep writing and creating this season with awesome products like BIC Mark-It™ permanent markers and BIC’s Month of Merry Marking – inspirational ideas to make the holidays bright. BIC Mark-It™ permanent markers come in both 36 packs for fine and ultra-fine tip sizes for endless inspiration and 8 packs of Metallic colors! They are a great choice for any cornucopia crafts you’re planning this year.

They offer bold, vibrant colors that are low odor and acid-free (no added acid, no measurable pH) making them family-friendly.

Cornucopia Basket Printable

This small cornucopia craft is perfect to place on each dinner plate during Thanksgiving. But, if you want cornucopia crafts that the kids can color and create for the holidays, you can get this cornucopia basket printable and make your own. Just head over here for the free printable. This would be a fun craft to keep the kids busy while you get dinner ready.

Here is a fun craft kit the kids can use to make a cornucopia craft to hang on the front door. I love how easy it is. Check it out here.

a cornucopia with winter produce

Cornucopia or Horn of Plenty?

Did you know that a cornucopia is also called a horn of plenty? It was traditionally filled with seasonal produce from an abundant harvest. A traditional horn of plenty might have had pumpkins, beets, winter squash, corn, carrots, and applies.

Now, we use them simply as decorations. And, they can be filled with whatever you want to use from baked goods to decorative gourds to leaves and apples. Just use your creativity.

Free Thanksgiving Printable and Coloring Page

More Thanksgiving Crafts

If you’d like more Thanksgiving crafts, here are a few things you can try. They are easy enough for adults and kids alike to do. And, they will help you remember what the true reason is that we have Thanksgiving.

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