St Patricks Day History for Elementary Students

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St Patricks Day history for kids doesn’t have to be all rainbows and gold.  Learn the St Patrick’s Day history for elementary students.

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St Patricks Day History for Kids and Curious Adults


St Patricks Day History for Elementary Students

While it’s nice to include some of the popular stories and legends as well, I’d rather they knew the facts about the holiday first.  This post is a little bit of both things.

Keep reading to learn how you can explain the St Patricks Day history for elementary students and young children.

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What is the history behind St. Patrick’s Day?

This day is the feast day of the patron saint of Ireland named St. Patrick. Patrick wasn’t born Irish. He was brought to Ireland as a slave after he was kidnapped.  

He escaped back to Britain to be with his family. While there, a voice told him to go back to Ireland.  He was ordained as a priest and spent the rest of his life working to bring Christianity to Ireland.

a leprechaun with gold

Some people claim that Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. However, science has proven that there never were any snakes in Ireland because of the cold climate.

It is thought that the word snakes in this legend actually represent driving out the pagan ways when he introduced Christianity.

Why do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day for kids?

St. Patrick’s Day is the national holiday of Ireland and we celebrate it each year on March 17 because this is the day he is rumored to have died. In the United States, many people of Irish descent celebrate this holiday because it plays an important part of their cultural history.

St Patricks Day history for kids doesn’t have to be all rainbows and gold. Learn the St Patrick’s Day history for elementary students.


What brings you good luck on St. Patrick’s Day?

People search for four-leaf clovers which are very rare.  You are very lucky if you actually find one.

A shamrock is actually a three-leaf clover-like plant. Legend has it that St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit).

I’ve never actually found one but I still search for them.

What is the color of St. Patrick’s Day?

Traditionally, the color we wear on this day is green.  Ireland is known for its green shades of grass and the shamrock is green as well.

However, historians say that his color was actually a light blue and it can be seen in their coat of arms.

When explaining the St Patricks Day history for elementary students, try to share both the legend and the real facts behind the holiday.

St Patricks Day history for kids doesn't have to be all rainbows and gold.  Learn the St Patrick's Day history for elementary students.

What is the legend behind St. Patrick’s Day?

Irish legend says that there is a small Irish fairy called the leprechaun.  He wears pointed shoes, a hat, and a leather apron.  

According to the legend, he’s very unfriendly and lives alone in the forest guarding his pots of gold.  The story says that if you find a leprechaun, he will have to tell you where his gold is hidden.

If you look away for even one second, the leprechaun will disappear along with all his gold.

Legend has it that if you wear green on this holiday, the leprechaun cannot see you. If you don’t wear green, he can see you and will give you a pinch.

That’s why we pinch people who do not wear green on this day.

Irish Dublin Coddle Recipe

What types of Irish food should we eat?

Traditionally people eat corned beef and cabbage on this day although we enjoy it all year. You can also enjoy Irish Oatcakes, Or, you might want to try a Dublin Coddle.

Why not make these shamrock gummies while you explain about this holiday.

Now that you know the facts and legends of around this holiday, you can choose what you share in this St Patricks Day history for elementary students.  

three leaf clovers growing near rock

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  1. Love these facts and how celebrated St Patrick's day is however our flag has no blue, perhaps you mean the blue in the British flag as Patrick was actually Welsh but was brought to Ireland. Haven't had corned beef with cabbage but try bacon it's how we do it in Ireland and its great! And if you want to give your kids a bit of Irish you can say La Fheile Naomh Padraig sona duit which means Happy St. Patrick's day to you( one person) 😊
  2. I love Corn beef and cabbage, its one of my favorite foods and I am not irish! I would love to visit Ireland, its on my bucket list. Maria
  3. These are some of the same facts I am teaching my daughter next month for out St. Patrick's Day lasson plan! So cool learning the history of holidays. 
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  7. Thanks for writing about this Ellen! I was just talking with my husband about how to explain St. Patrick's day to my kids because like all holidays, it has a mishmash of ideas. I really like this list!
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  11. I love that you're teaching your children the reason for celebrating each holiday. My mother taught my sister and I about St. Patrick and how he use the shamrock to spread Christianity. I always loved the shamrock even more after learning that. As kids we liked to search our yard for the elusive four leaf clover now I'm in search of the elusive fairy hobmother!
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