How to Make a Honey and Irish Buttermilk Bath

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Why a Honey and Irish Buttermilk Bath? I wanted to create a homemade beauty product for St. Patrick’s Day without using any type of food dyes to turn whatever I made green. I’ve been reading a lot about toxins in the products we use on our bodies and am trying to eliminate them when I can.

How to Make a Honey and Irish Buttermilk Bath

How to Make a Honey and Irish Buttermilk Bath

When I hear St. Patrick’s Day, I think of Leprechauns, Irish Soda Bread, and potatoes. None of those really worked for a beauty product. When I started to think about my Irish Soda Bread recipe, I remembered that one of the main ingredients was buttermilk. Buttermilk is the liquid left over after butter is churned. If you enjoy drinking it, you’ll be happy to know that buttermilk is a natural probiotic and is rich in lactic acid.

If you check out the ingredients of some of the more expensive beauty products, you’ll see that lactic acid is on the ingredients list. That’s because it works wonderfully to reduce age spots and exfoliate and brighten your skin. If you remember, Cleopatra was known for taking buttermilk baths. Now you can make your own Honey and Irish Buttermilk Bath using healthy ingredients from the kitchen. The honey has been added for its antibacterial properties and because it promotes healing.

I’ve been getting our raw milk from a local farmer so it was easy enough to get good, thick buttermilk. If you don’t have that option, look for full-fat buttermilk at your local health food coop or your grocery store if you cannot find it there. You may also like this non alcoholic Irish cream recipe for coffee.

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How to Make a Honey and Irish Buttermilk Bath




How to Make a Honey and Irish Buttermilk Bath
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  • 1 cup of buttermilk, full-fat is best
  • 4 tbsp honey


  1. Very gently warm the buttermilk and honey in a small pan. Do NOT boil or simmer. You only want the honey to melt.
  2. Add it to your bath and then soak in the tub.


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  1. Interesting! Never think of using buttermilk and honey for a bath, I usually consider both ingredients for cooking, thanks for the idea!

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