Slow Cooker Dessert Recipes

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Easy slow cooker dessert recipes are perfect for busy days. Just add the ingredients to your crockpot and forget about them until dinner.

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Slow Cooker Dessert Recipes

I love Crockpot dessert recipes because I can start them earlier in the day and then forget about them. Dinner time is hectic enough without also worrying about getting a dessert on the table.  

While I don’t serve dessert with every meal, I do a few times a week.  Using slow cooker dessert recipes means that I can focus on dinner when it’s dinner time.   

Of course, if you want to serve a slow cooker dinner and a slow cooker dessert, you’ll need to invest in another slow cooker.

There are a lot of different types of slow cooker dessert recipes out there from cakes to fruit desserts. We generally save cakes and super sweet desserts for special occasions like holidays and birthdays.

For regular dinnertime desserts, we look for souffle, crisps, and other fruit-based desserts. One of my favorites is my Paleo apple butter recipe that I make when we go apple picking.

My Crockpot flan recipe is another favorite but it’s a bit more labor-intensive.

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What you need for these slow cooker dessert recipes

Smaller slow cooker – While you may have a huge 6-quart slow cooker to make dinner for your family, you may find that a 4-quart slow cooker is a better option for desserts. For couples, this 2-quart slow cooker is ideal.

Slow cooker liner – You can use the disposable slow cooker liners, but I always worry about them when I cook, plus you throw them away each time. This slow cooker liner is BPA free and it’s reusable.

Slow cooker dessert recipes are perfect for busy days. Just add the ingredients to your crockpot and forget about them until dinner time.

Can you bake in a slow cooker?

Yes, you definitely can. I recommend a 5 or 6-quart slow cooker if you want to try baking. The round style is best for this type of slow cooker dessert recipe. That way you can use a round cake pan.

Here are a few other slow cooker dessert recipes to get you started. I’ve always wanted to try a slow cooker dump cake so that’s what I’ll be trying next.

Fruit slow cooker recipes

crockpot flan on a white dish with a strawberry and caramel sauce

Easy slow cooker recipes

Here are a few crockpot dessert recipes you can get started with easily. 

Slow cooker cake recipes

Did you know that you can make cake in the slow cooker? Yes, you can. Why not try a few of these slow cooker dessert recipes.

Or, if you have more time, try this baked rice pudding recipe.

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  1. The closest I've come to slow-cooker dessert is applesauce and apple butter. I'd love to learn to make a real dessert in my slow cooker!

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