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I love my Grace Adele purse! Have you seen the stylish signature handbags from Grace Adele? I am all about having a unique style so having signature handbags as an accessory is an absolute must.  And, I have no desire to show up at a coffee date with friends or a PTA meeting at the school and see another woman carrying the same handbag that I am. Plus, I want my style to be all me and not a duplicate.  I want to be the woman that walks into a room and everyone goes “Oh, I love that bag!” 

Signature handbags

Grace Adele Purse

That said, I want a bag that is multi-functional.  A 5″ clutch may be super cute for an evening out but it’s completely useless when running errands during the day.  A diaper bag or backpack may work to hold your wallet on a quick run out to the store but it’s not the look I want when I run into an old friend or worse an old enemy.  Everyone has their own idea of what makes signature handbags ideal. But, this Grace Adele purse has so much to offer.

Grace Adele

Grace Adele walks you through each step of the process of creating signature handbags.  You’ll pick the perfect handbag color, style, clutch, clip-ons, accessories, jewelry, and scarves to make the ideal handbag.  The choices are absolutely amazing. I don’t care if you’d prefer glam purple or zebra styled handbags, you’ll be able to find what you want at Grace Adele.

Grace Adele Purse – Emma

I received the Emma bag from Grace Adele.  The Emma bag has a stamped ostrich pattern (or a  sleek animal print) with black patent faux leather trim.  I chose to get my Emma bag is a stunning purple ostrich pattern which is the perfect (in my opinion) choice for fall. I love the vibrant purple against the gloss of the black patent faux leather trim. And, it is absolutely the perfect size to hold everything that I need.

Grace Adele Handbag

As if the gorgeous Grace Adele exterior wasn’t enough to make this bag amazing, the interior is an added bonus.  Every Grace Adele bag has an Intelligent Interior™ that’s stylish and smart.   The Emma Bag has a ton of specially designed pockets that make it ideal to organize everything that I need.  I hate having to hunt through my handbag searching for my lip gloss, cell phone or keys.  So, I want it all where I can find it easily and, to me, that means pockets. So, for women that love to be organized, the Grace Adele purse is absolutely perfect. There is a place for everything that you need.

Grace Adele

Grace Adele Discontinued

So, if you have heard images that Grace Adele discontinued their bags, you’re correct. Grace Adele was owned by Scentsy and closed in 2014. So, if you want a Grace Adele purse or handbag, the best place to find one is on eBay, Poshmark or Mercari. If you’re new to shopping on Mercari, you can receive $10 for signing up. Just use my link to sign up.

Of course, you can also find quite a few Grace Adele products on Amazon. They have some great deals and the selection changes regularly. Just remember to check back if you don’t see what you want today. Here are a few things that I thought you might like. But, feel free to shop around and see all of their selection.

  • Grace Adele Pink Purse here
  • Grace Adele Orange Purse here
  • The Grace Adele Ostrich Purse is currently out of stock but check here

Woman holding a Grace Adele purse alternative

Other options to consider

I honestly haven’t found a good alternative for my Grace Adele purse. Thankfully, there are many second-hand options that I can shop to find a new one. You can also find Grace Adele Jewelry which I fell in love with recently. Check out the selection here to see what’s available. I love the necklace they have right now. It’s exactly my style.

Finally, if you enjoy fashion, check out this post on Kalyx Sports Bras and learn more about my favorite fashionable fitness tracker. Or, if you want to check out a few other purses that I’ve enjoyed, learn more about eco-friendly handbags.

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