Fashionable Fitness Tracker

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How I look is important to me. I’m not vain or obsessed with the latest styles, but when I go out I want to look put together. As I get older, I’ve realized that it’s more important now than ever to pay attention to the little details.

Fashionable Fitness Tracker - Mira

Fashionable Fitness Tracker

Looking good at 48 takes a little bit more time than it did when I was in my twenties. I pay more attention to my appearance, my skin, and my hair than I did twenty years ago. I notice those little signs of aging a bit more than I like and I do what I can to minimize them.

Tracking my health and fitness goals is something I enjoy so I’ve been searching for a fashionable fitness tracker. I wanted a tracker that didn’t look out of place when I wore something more dressy for a meeting or an event. Some of the trackers I’ve seen are on the clunky side. They look great at the gym but definitely not great with something more stylish.

Gone are the days of leaving an activity tracker at home because it doesn’t match your look – Mira’s versatile style allows you to wear your bracelet with any outfit day or night. Wear the bracelet on its own, stacked with other accessories or clipped to your clothes during workouts.

Fashionable Fitness Tracker - Mira

My outfit was inspired by New York Fashion Week where they mentioned that knits will be in this fall. With our cold winters in Vermont, knits are a big part of my winter wardrobe. I love knowing that my Mira looks just as good with my workout clothes as it does with one of my favorite fall outfits.

Mira’s bracelet is made from flexible, surgical-grade stainless steel and is available in Midnight Purple and Brushed Gold and three sizes to help users find the perfect fit: petite, small and medium.

Mira’s custom mobile application is available for users to download. The app is currently available on iPhone® 4S and above, iPad® (3rd Generation) and above, iPad® Mini, iPod® Touch (5th Generation) and above, and iOS 7 and above. Android will be available in fall 2015.

Buy your own Mira today!

Fashionable Fitness Tracker - Mira

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  1. I love how stylish this is because I've tried 3 other trackers and they most definitely aren't! I am really digging the gold and I like that it's flexible, it doesn't look like it is, it looks like a solid bracelet which I love!
  2. Melissa Pezza says
    I love this so much! I'm in the market for a new tracker, and I hate that most of them are just hideous looking. 
  3. That is super cute! I want one. I would love to track my fitness as I run my million errands everyday to see how I am doing. I may need to take longer walks in the evening if I am not actually doing as much as I think I am. That's why I love fitness trackers - they keep me honest!! Even better though if this one looks stylish.
  4. I have never used a fitness tracker but I know they are really helpful in getting people up and moving more.  Looks very nice!
  5. I've not used one either but this one looks like it would be easy to clean. Purple would be a cool color to wear too.
  6. This is so very stylish! I would love a cute fitness tracker like this!

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