Eco-Friendly Handbags for Busy Women

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As much as I’m enjoying summer, I know that fall will be here any day now in Vermont.  I really need (OK I really want) a new handbag that will work for the cooler months.  Check out my choice.

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eco-friendly handbags

Eco-Friendly Handbags for Busy Women

I like to have a variety of handbags to choose from because I match them with my shoes or the outfit that I’m wearing that day.  My daughter has confiscated my only handbag that would go well with black shoes. That left me with a serious need for a new black handbag before I start wearing my black shoes again.

I admit to being very picky about my handbags.  My preference is for an eco-friendly handbag that is made out of materials that are man-made. I just feel better when the products I use are animal-friendly and earth-friendly.  

There are a lot of eco-friendly handbags out there.  What I really look for in an eco-friendly handbag is one that helps me stay organized and lets me fit everything I need inside. Pockets, clips, hidden zippered sections and lots of room are definitely required components of any handbag I use.

Ju Ju Be Behave Bag

I need to be able to put everything I want in it and then be able to find it easily. I’ve seen some handbags that are HUGE but they are one giant cavernous middle compartment. Once I put something in there, I will never ever find it again.

Like other areas of my life, I need my handbag to be organized and stylish.  You might think eco-friendly, organized and stylish is too much to ask for from a handbag. You’d be wrong though!  

The Behave from Ju-Ju-Be is a busy woman’s dream.

eco-friendly handbags

Here’s just a bit about the bag:

  • Front exterior pocket with not only a zippered inside pocket but room for your debit or loyalty cards
  • Side exterior pockets. One is insulated to keep your hot or cold drinks at the right temperature. The other is soft for your sunglasses.
  • Detachable and adjustable messenger strap with removable shoulder pad
  • Interior dividing pouch to help you stay organized (YES!)
  • 5 gusseted pockets, 3 zippered pockets, 3 pen loops, 2 lip gloss loops, 1 scrunchy key fob (inside)
  • Antimicrobial linings, metal hardware, gorgeous linings inside, machine washable (air dry) and made of Earth Leather (an environmental eco-friendly alternative to animal leather)

eco-friendly handbags

My thoughts

I absolutely love everything about this handbag.  It has a place for everything I have and then some.  It is available in black, brown, vanilla and steel with a variety of different cute linings inside.  

This is an absolutely gorgeous handbag that will work for any woman.  The pockets are totally customizable. I could easily put cosmetics in the interior dividing pouch, a few disposable diapers or  even a Kindle.

 The bag measures 14 x 11 x 5.5 inches.  It’s stylish enough to wear with a dress or business outfit but would look absolutely fantastic with a pair of jeans or cargo pants.

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10 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly Handbags for Busy Women”

  1. This bag is super cute especially as you have paired it.  I like how the interior of the Ju-Ju be bag has so many pockets.  Thanks for linking up to the Verizon Voices Style hop both this week and last!  
  2. I love that bag (and the dress, you look beautiful!) but have never heard of Ju-ju-be.  I like a handbag with compartments so that I can organize just a little bit even though after a week it will all end up in the bottom.  I prefer a more stiff sided bag, but would definitely carry the one  you have.
  3. Love the look of this bag. It's looks great with your dress. Multiple pockets are a must for me, too. I hate losing things in my pocketbook.
  4. It's cute! It seems like a good size, too. I tend to want to be prepared for just about anything so I keep more in my purse than most people and tiny purses just don't cut it for me.
  5. I have to admit that I haven't been very eco-conscious when it comes to handbags. That bag is just adorable. I love the colorful floral lining. Thanks for opening my eyes. I'll definitely consider the materials used when I purchase my next bag.

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